heat pump vs furnaceIf your heating system is on the fritz and is in need of heating repair in Scottsdale, there are two primary units you can choose to replace the old unit – a heat pump or a furnace. Although traditional homes are often powered by furnaces, you might be shocked to learn that most new homes being built use heat pump systems to keep their homes warm in winter – but also cooler in the summer. These all-in-one HVAC units rely on the power of geothermal technology to keep a comfortable year round. But, if you’re looking for a good comparison of heat pump vs. furnace – we’ll be happy to compare the two of them here.

What Is A Heat Pump?

A heat pump is a system that uses the consistent temperature of the earth’s bedrock combined with the air inside your home to both cool your home in summer and heat your home in winter. However, unlike an AC unit or a Furnace, a heat pump is designed to keep the temperature inside a house at a consistent and comfortable level. The unit itself operates by sucking air from the home into the heat pump system, down into tubes that are drilled into the earth, and circulated back into the house at a comfortable temperature.

What Is A Furnace?

A furnace on the other hand is a one-hit-wonder. It’s designed simply to heat a home, by using fuel (such as natural gas, coal, fuel oil or even wood in some cases) to heat a house. The furnace is operated by a thermostat which controls the temperature operation of the unit. The major drawback of a furnace is that it consumes a lot of energy to activate and keep your home warm when it’s cold outside. Also, when you use a furnace in Arizona, you’ll use an AC unit as well during summer.

Here Are The Major Differences Between A Heat Pump vs. Furnace:

1-     Heat pumps have the flexibility to increase or lower the temperature inside your home. Whereas a furnace is only designed to provide heat to the home. In essence, a heat pump is a multiple-use unit, but a furnace is only designed for one application.

2-     If you live in a hot environment like living in the Phoenix Metro area, a heat pump system can save you a tremendous amount of money – all year long, while using a furnace and AC unit will increase energy bill costs.

3-     When you compare costs – a heat pump will typically cost more initially, however when you combine the cost of a new AC unit with a furnace, the all-in-one heat pump system tends to be more affordable long term.

As you can clearly see – there are some advantages of using heat pumps vs. furnace in a home in Arizona. However, as with any major purchase, it’s always best to get the expert advice from reliable professionals in this industry who can deliver facts – without high-pressure sales techniques.

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