most efficient ac unitsThe word of the day is efficiency. And whether you’re looking at improving work load productivity or trying to find an affordable solution to replace your air conditioning, the search for efficiency these days is more than a clever buzz-term. In fact, finding the most efficient AC units that deliver the best bang for your buck is truly significant in these economic times.

Although the search for efficient air conditioning units might have brought you to this page, it’s important to clearly define what is meant by being ‘efficient’ in regards to AC unit technology. Further, it’s important to determine the right steps on how to select any AC unit and then knowing what to do to install the unit efficiently as well. We’ll tackle each of these three issues in the next few paragraphs.

How Do You Define ‘Efficient’?

In terms of air conditioning units and living in Arizona, an efficient unit is one that will provide comfortable air conditioning that is reliable, constant and does not use a tremendous amount of energy. And across the board, one brand of air conditioners that tends to accomplish each of these primary elements is Trane AC units.

Each Trane AC unit is engineered to operate under peak efficiency, which is designed to save you money on monthly energy bills and also keeping your house or office extremely comfortable during summer. Trane AC Units are Energy Star® rated. This not only proves that they are designed to operate ‘smartly’ and efficiently, but they also can save you money on an Energy Tax Credit when purchased for your primary residence prior to December 31st, 2013.

How Do yYou Select An Energy Efficient AC Unit?

Once you clearly understand what elements go into making any AC unit truly ‘efficient’ the next step in shopping for the most efficient AC units for home owners in Fountain Hills is how to pick one. This involves a three step process:

  • You should contact a licensed and reliable Trane authorized dealer and installation expert for a free estimate. A good company will take the time to come to your home, inspect your house, the location of windows, measure your floor plan and use precise load calculations to determine what size of AC unit will be the most efficient and offer you the best return on your investment.
  • You should always shop around to determine which company offers you not only the best price on any new AC unit, but the best value on service, parts replacement and routine maintenance programs to keep your efficient AC unit running at peak efficiency around the clock.
  • Always ask for references – from individuals who have worked with any company you intend on working with to install your AC unit for your Fountain Hills home.

When you stick to following these simple tips for buying the most efficient AC units available, you’ll discover that the choice you make will not only save you money initially – but also every year your AC unit operates into the future.


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