Scottsdale Air Conditioning RepairContrary to popular belief, your AC system doesn’t know the difference between summer and winter. It’s a mechanical device, and unlike ‘Johnny 5’ from Short Circuit your heating or cooling system isn’t ‘alive’. However, it does require routine service and maintenance in order to ‘breathe’ and to keep you cool during the summer heatwave. This is why taking time during the cold season to have Scottsdale air conditioning repair completed is the quickest and cost effective way to prepare your cooling season for a heavy workout from April till October.

Here are a few reasons why you should get on the fast track by scheduling your heating and cooling repair in Scottsdale during ‘off-peak’ seasons.

Reason #1 – Price of Service Tends to be lower in Off-Peak Seasons

The heating and air conditioning repair industry is just like any other service-based vocation – there are times during the year when business is slow. This is known as ‘off-peak’ season and for people that need to have routine service completed on their heating or cooling system in Scottsdale, this ‘time period’ is a perfect opportunity to have your service completed.

For air conditioning service in Scottsdale, the ‘off-season’ falls traditionally from November till February. Many home owners and commercial building owners have service contracts with HVAC companies in Scottsdale to have their cooling systems inspected right after or before the hot season. This means that the HVAC  Company tends to be busier in October, March and April completing these routine check-ups. However, from November till February, the cooling guys are traditionally sitting around the office playing cards – with not much to do. As such, there tends to be better ‘deals’ on AC service during these months.

Plus, off-peak season is also a great time to get your cooling system fixed because the contractor can take their time – not rushing the repairs. This allows your system to be fixed correctly the first time and ensures that when you flip the switch in April or May – it’ll work strong.

Reason #2 – Heating Service is perfect during summer

Just as cooling repair is best to have completed in winter, the reverse is true for a heating unit. As a matter of fact, many companies that deliver heating and air conditioning repair in Scottsdale offer special packages that allow you to schedule all routine service and HVAC repair in Scottsdale  for your complete system. Since most heating and cooling systems use the same components – like fans, ductwork and vents to circulate air inside your home, it actually makes sense to have both units tuned-up at the same time.

However, if you have separate heating and cooling units  – it’s a good idea to defer having your service or easy repairs completed during the summer time. If you have major issues that need to be fixed, it’s always suggested to have them fixed ASAP – as it can lead to significant damage or complete system replacement.

When you’re in that uncomfortable situation of having to plan and pay for routine service including Scottsdale air conditioning repair – always contact your local HVAC service provider and ask them about specials or the best timing to complete this service. You’ll be surprised how much money you can save if you simply ask questions.

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