air conditioner noiseIt’s never fun to hear a strange noise coming from any major appliance. Traditionally this means a call to the repair guy and an expenditure of money you simply didn’t plan on spending. However, when it comes to the AC system, there are a few things you can do at home before making the call to the HVAC repair company when you hear air conditioner noise. This will help the HVAC contractor quickly fix and repair your AC system before more damage occurs.

Three Easy Tips To Diagnose The Cause Of Air Conditioner Noise

Tip #1 – Document When You Heard The Noise

The best tool for any contractor to use when attempting to fix something is having information about the actual problem. In the case of hearing air conditioner noise in Scottsdale, the best thing that you can do at home is to document when you heard the noise – and anytime you hear similar noises coming from the AC system.

Here are a few things to consider and write down:

  • What time of day did you hear the noise?
  • What was the temperature outside?
  • What temperature was set on the thermostat when the noise occurred?
  • Were there any other major appliances running at the same time you heard the noise?
  • How often does the noise occur?
  • Describe the sound that the air conditioning system is making.

These six basic questions will significantly help any HVAC contractor diagnose and repair your system.

Tip #2 – Don’t Try And Fix It Yourself

No matter how handy you might be around the house, trying to fix a noisy air conditioner yourself could lead to some significant safety concerns.

  • First, remember that an AC unit is an electrically charged major appliance. And unless you’re a certified electrician or a licensed HVAC contractor, you should always treat the actual air conditioning unit as a potentially hazardous piece of equipment.
  • Second, AC systems are very complex. Sometimes simply taking off a cover can damage the entire unit.
  • Third, if the AC system is leaking refrigerant and you inhale these fumes, it could cause lung damage.

As tempting as it might be to try a DIY repair with an air conditioner that is making noise in Scottsdale, always leave it to the pros.

Tip #3 – Record The Noise With A Mobile Device

They say that imitation is the greatest form of flattery, however, when it comes to diagnosing that troubling air conditioner noise, it’s always best to get it recorded. Many of today’s smart phones come equipped with a recording device for people to record notes and other stuff. Why not use this to record the noise from the AC unit for the contractor to listen to himself? Not only will this give the contractor a good example of the sound and allow them to complete the repairs, but it could save you time and money as well.

Anytime you notice that annoying air conditioner noise, do your best to follow these three simple steps and you’ll be able to provide the HVAC contractor with valuable information to help them diagnose and fix your system in no time.

Don’t take anymore of that noisy air conditioner, call Scottsdale Air Heating & Cooling at 480-359-7141 today!

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