Fast AC FixSo you’ve just arrived home in the middle of July and walk into a sauna. What do you do? If this has ever happened to you, you understand that trying to plan a quick AC fix is harder than you’d think. From taking time to try and find the problem, to calling a contractor and waiting for them to arrive, it can literally take days before your AC system is back in operational shape. However, what would you say if I told you there are three easy tips that would help you get your AC fixed in Arizona quicker than ever before?

3 Steps To Help Prepare For Unexpected AC Repairs

Tip #1 – Be Proactive: Find A Good HVAC Contractor Today!

The most time consuming part of finding a qualified contractor to complete any repairs in your home or office is the time actually spent looking for a qualified contractor in the first place. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you were proactive and had a plan in place where you could simply pick up the phone and call a dependable HVAC contractor to show up ASAP?

Here are a few ways to accomplish this quick fix.

  • Do Some Research About HVAC Systems

The first thing you should know about your HVAC system is exactly what type, brand and model of HVAC system is keeping your home cool. Having access to this information can significantly improve the repair time. Here is what you should do to accomplish this.

a) Find out what brand and model of cooling system and heating unit you have inside your home.

b) Find out what type of thermostat you have, make, model, and color – every detail possible.

c) Write it down in an emergency action folder that you can easily access in time of crisis.

  • Find A Qualified Contractor That Services Your Particular AC System

The next step here is to search online for contractors that complete AC service on your specific type of unit. A simple Google search can help you here. Take time before the repair is needed to call them and ask about their service and repair programs available. If you like them, put their contact information inside your emergency book.

Tip #2 – Find out where the AC System is located

The second tip to expedite your AC repairs is to know the location of your system. If you have a split system, know where your main unit is installed, and where your internal fan system is located. It’s also a good idea to know the location of utility emergency shut off (gas, electrical and water if applicable) in case of emergency.

Tip #3 – Keep your HVAC contractor on Speed Dial

When it’s above 100 degrees outside and your AC decides to break down, scrambling to find the phone number for the HVAC repair guy won’t help provide a quick AC fix or reduce your stress level. It’s always great to be organized, which is why we recommend a centrally located emergency phone number and plan notebook to be located and easy to access when things break down. Keeping your AC repair specialist on your cell phone contact list can go a long way to making sure your air conditioning system gets back online as quick as possible.

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