Scottsdale hvac companyWhen our team shows up to begin work every morning, there are several variables to consider. How hot is it outside? Is there a monsoon coming or a Haboob? What unexpected service call will we receive first? One thing this Scottsdale HVAC company never has to doubt is our resolve to deal with those unexpected situations with professionalism and dedication to getting the job done right – the first time. Maybe this is why when we were informed that our team at Scottsdale Air captured the illusive ‘Super Service Award’ yet again in 2014 for the 5th time in a row – it was a nice form of recognition that we’re providing top-notch customer service.

Since day one, Scottsdale Air has been dedicated to providing superior HVAC solutions for commercial and residential customers. A key ingredient to our success is the fact that most of our accounts include repeat business. Whether it’s servicing a residential home owner’s AC system every spring, or completing routine service of a commercial businesses heating system – we work very hard to treat everybody equally. This dedication to customer service is only matched by the quality HVAC solutions in Scottsdale that we provide.

What Is The Super Service Angie’s List Award?

For those that may not know, the Angie’s List Super Service Award is pretty much the best service award an HVAC Company in Scottsdale can receive. It’s not based on paid endorsements or by making deals with a consumer group – it is 100% customer driven. Real customers offer real opinions and ratings on their actual HVAC services on  What’s really impressive is less than 5 percent of contractor-based businesses in The United States qualify to receive this outstanding certification. We’re humbled to be a part of that exclusive group.

On a daily basis, nearly three million home owners across the US sign onto Angie’s List to find out which service providers in their neighborhood offer the best service, pricing and are the most dependable. Whether they are a roofing contractor or HVAC Company in Scottsdale  – a company has no saying on the content driven home by the customers they service that choose to rate a business on

Some of the criteria that customer’s rate includes:

  • Details about how the project was completed – including cost, arrival time, repair time and estimates.
  • They then provide a grade and response time, price, professionalism and quality of work – just like school; with A being the best and F standing for failure.

Everybody on the team at Scottsdale Air is honored to capture the Super Service Award for the fifth-consecutive year in 2014 (2006, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014). But rest assured, we will not let this go to our heads – or impact the way we conduct business daily. We know that with every HVAC service we offer, every AC tune-up we complete and every installation we provide – we can always improve. If there is anything that our company can do – to improve our service, our selection or anything; please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

Thank you for continuing to support We appreciate your business and look forward to being your HVAC service provider for years to come.

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