Heating Repair In ScottsdaleNobody likes to make the dreaded phone call to the local contractor that provides emergency heating repair in Scottsdale. When the winter season rolls into the desert – it can get downright chilly. The last thing that any home owner wants is to have their heating systems repaired; especially when money is tight after the holidays. But, did you know that there are three primary causes that lead to most heating repair jobs? And by taking a few proactive steps to eliminate these root issues, the more efficient and long-lasting your heating unit will operate.

Here are three common problems that lead to most heating repair issues.

Problem #1 – The Heating System Can’t Breathe

Just like the human body, one of the leading causes of heating system breakdown is the inability to breathe. In this case however, the biggest culprit is the system that circulates air to the heating system. Where the human body has the nose, throat, windpipe and lungs that are all included in the respiratory system, the heating system has just a few components that need to be kept in good shape in order for the heating unit to work efficiently. These systems include:

When you keep each of these components clean and free of obstructions, the heating unit can ‘breathe easy’. And when central heating repair is needed – most of the time the culprit is a clogged filter, dirty vents or blocked ductwork. Take time to help your heating system breathe easier – and you’ll significantly reduce the stress load on your unit.

Problem #2 – Not Enough Lubrication In The Heating System

A heating unit in Scottsdale is similar to a combustion engine – as there are many individual moving parts that all require the proper lubrication in order to work together. During a routine service call, heating systems repair experts will top off all the fluids and lubricants that are located inside the heating unit itself. The source of many heating system breakdowns is an individual part failure. And – according to Consumer Reports, the biggest cause of component failure is improper lubrication. Keep your heating system tuned-up frequently in order to reduce these potential issues.

Problem #3 – Improperly Calibrated Thermostats

If the filters are the lungs of a heating system – the thermostat is the brain. And just like our brains, the thermostats of a heating system sometimes become overworked and need a break. However, instead of sleeping or taking a vacation, the best way to give your thermostat a ‘break’ is to have it calibrated at least once per year. It’s actually a good idea to have your heating and cooling system  serviced each year; and during these service inspections, many quality heating repair companies in Scottsdale will also calibrate your thermostat for you. A fully functional thermostat sends a clear signal to the heating and cooling system – only using as much energy to keep your home comfortable as needed.

A simple solution to reduce most breakdowns that lead to heating and air conditioning repair Scottsdale is to take a proactive approach towards maintaining your home heating units. Replace those indoor filters every month, keep your vents clean and schedule a ductwork inspection or cleaning once per year. If you follow these easy steps, you’ll not only reduce the potential of heating system breakdown, but you’ll also save money on utilities every month – and have better indoor air quality.


If you still have questions or concerns about the heating system at your Scottsdale home or office, then call the experts at Scottsdale Air Heating & Cooling. We’ve been serving the valley since 1947 and look forward to serving you too. Call 480-359-7141 Today!


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