Lennox RebatesEverybody loves to save money – right? Well, if you’re in the market to buying a new heating and cooling system in 2015, you might find that process easier than you think when you look into the rebates that authorized Lennox dealers are offering this year. However, just like any other discount or coupons that are offered, many consumers ask – ‘so; what’s the catch’? The reality is that Lennox authorized dealers make cashing in Lennox rebates very simple – and often offer additional deals when you have your new Lennox unit installed by the company.

Here are a few specific reasons why Lennox rebates are genuine, and provide exceptional value for consumers above most of their competition.

First – Lennox Furnace Rebates Given to Dealers 

Every year Lennox offers its customers incentives and rebates on many of their products. Specifically, in 2015, they’ve given a lot of the power to the individual distributors who sell and install Lennox systems. This is very beneficial for the consumer – especially those that live in Scottsdale, as they often don’t experience any problems getting your Lennox rebates from the company that you work with to purchase it directly. Contact your local Lennox authorized dealer in Scottsdale to ask them about the Lennox coupons that they are offering for furnaces and other heating systems before it’s too late to cash in on the savings.

Second – Lennox Often Updates Rebates and Specials seasonally

It’s also important to stay in contact with your local Lennox dealer – especially through social media; as many authorized Lennox dealers in Scottsdale are beginning to explore social media activation for their coupons and rebate offers. Usually this process is time sensitive and based on seasonal business. For example; you’ll often see many air conditioning rebates offered in early spring – and Lennox heating system rebates offered in the fall. However, the best way to see these rebates is to follow your trustworthy Lennox dealer in Scottsdale on their Facebook page – so you don’t miss out.

Third – Local Companies Make it Easier to Cash in Savings on Lennox Products

When you work with local Lennox dealers in Scottsdale, the mistakes and hassles of collecting rebate checks from the corporation are significantly reduced. Most of the time, the local dealer will take any rebates or coupons directly off the overall cost of the unit – or the installation of your new Lennox heating unit. In fact, since most of the Lennox rebates in 2015 are offered by direct distributors – it’s always best to start locally to get your best deals.

Lennox rebates and coupons are always available – you simply need to know the best and easiest place to receive them. Contact your local Scottsdale Lennox dealer or follow them on Facebook to see what special offers are available in 2015.


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