lennox product reviewsFinding a reliable air conditioning unit is easy. Buying one that is not only energy efficient but also won’t break the bank is where most Arizona residents struggle. However, based on many Lennox product review articles written and the testimonials of several happy customers on reliable review websites like Angieslist.com, there are many top selling Lennox Air conditioning and HVAC  units sold today that are all Energy Star® rated but also easy on the pocket-book as well.

Here are four of the best air conditioning units that are sold by Lennox that can be easily installed by professional air conditioning service and installation experts servicing the greater Scottsdale metro area.

Lennox Dave Lennox Signature® Collection Product Review

Dave Lennox was one of the men that truly revolutionized the air conditioning industry. As such, you can be certain that when you read a Lennox product review starting with an item baring his brand name; it’s bound to be a winner across the board. The Dave Lennox Signature® Collection is manufactured with nothing but the best equipment and assembled by trustworthy, hard-working people to ensure it delivers efficient central air services. These units are also some of the most quiet air conditioning units available. Across the board, any of the Dave Lennox Signature® Collection items truly represent the finest quality in home cooling, heating and indoor air quality – for surprisingly affordable pricing.

Lennox Elite® Series Product Review

Elite® Series items proudly built by Lennox truly represent their brand name. Every detail about Elite® Series HVAC units is superior, from the Energy Star® rating they all possess; ensuring comfort and lower monthly energy bills. They also offer home owners with reliable service at a slightly lower price than most Dave Lennox® Signature Collection items. Thanks to improvements made in recent years, the Elite® Series has become one of the top selling units sold in the Valley of the Sun to help keep homes cool all summer long.

Lennox Merit® Series Product Review

There are not many HVAC units that stand the test of time, but the Merit® Series has proudly displayed this reliable brand name for decades. The primary reason for this is due to the time-tested technology and quality service that the Merit® Series provides. In fact, several of the Merit® Series heat pumps, air conditioners and even furnaces have been awarded the coveted Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval, awarded to very few major appliances each year. The Merit® Series consists of reliable air conditioning units, heat pumps and full-service HVAC units that are also very well priced – extremely energy efficient and cost effective items.

Lennox Healthy Climate® Indoor Air Quality Solutions Product Review

If you live with COPD, or any breathing related illness, you understand the importance of having clean air inside your home. And among the highest rated HVAC units built to keep the air you breathe clean as possible thanks to revolutionary air purification systems built into every one of these items. They are designed to work with your current central cooling and heating system that will enhance the air you breathe and keep harmful contaminates from filtering around your house and causing breathing problems. The Healthy Climate® Indoor Air Quality Solutions are driven to help you live a higher quality life – regardless of whether you live with COPD or simply want to reduce the potential for air-related illness.

Each of these Lennox categories are built to provide you with affordable, reliable and cost-effective cooling, heating and air filtration systems that are designed to last a long time and keep your home as comfortable as possible. You simply can’t go wrong with either unit, however, it is suggested that after you read Lennox product review articles online, make sure you take the time to contact a reliable Lennox authorized dealer in Scottsdale to get detailed answers you need in order to make a more informed decision.

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