Lennox AC UnitsAs Arizona residents crank up the AC, the natural progression is a dramatic rise in monthly energy bills as well. This has led to many Phoenix-area home and office building owners seeking new air conditioning technology like the new Lennox AC Units with an Ultimate Comfort System – designed to maximize comfort while adhering to strict standards on energy consumption, and literally creating the Ultimate Comfort System for any Air Conditioning unit available on the market today.

What’s So Special About The Lennox Ultimate Comfort System?

Just like most revolutionary product, the Lennox Ultimate Comfort System was manufactured to meet a serious need in a consumer segment. In this case – people living in hot weather climate areas like Scottsdale, Phoenix, Tempe, Carefree, Arcadia and other cities and towns around the Valley. All Arizona homes need energy efficient AC units that provide extended comfort around the entire house, without overloading the monthly energy bill. Traditionally, most AC units operate under single capacity and the single-speed airflow capacity is either operating all the way off or all the way on. The direct result of this situation is that temperature variances tend to increase when the system is not in use – or in layman’s terms; NOT the Ultimate Comfort System.

However, Lennox engineers decided to integrate new-age technology yet simplify the overall design concept to produce a unit that would provide precise comfort during all hours of operation. The Ultimate Comfort System is engineered with a variable speed air flow system, which when combined with the variable capacity cooling and heating elements installed in this complete HVAC system keeps the temperature consistent – exactly where you want it and at any time you want.

Lennox AC Units Leverage Solar Technology

Expanding the advantageous features of the Lennox Ultimate Comfort System is the fact that the unit has the capability to use solar technology or Sunsource®modules to harness the powerful — and cost effective solar rays produced by the sun. And as Phoenix metro area residents completely understand, there is a lot of sun available to power our AC units — so why no harness this power to reduce overall energy bills?

However, even though the Lennox Ultimate Comfort System is designed to keep your house consistently cool while also using less energy, perhaps the best perk to using this system is the user-friendly features that come equipped. For starters, the ICOMFORT WI-FI® THERMOSTAT allows you to monitor temperatures in each zone and easily adjust them from anywhere you have internet access. Using your tablet, laptop or smartphone, you have the freedom to set your temperature based on changing weather or your individual needs.

You can also set the Ultimate Comfort System to maximize temperature and humidity settings based on your location. This revolutionary system gives you the freedom of choosing Dry, Moderate or Humid settings that will either increase or decrease humidified air based on the area you live, percentage of humidity in the air and other high-tech factors.

The bottom line is that if you’re looking for a new air conditioning system, or complete HVAC unit that will not only save you money on monthly energy bills, but also will provide compete comfort around your entire home or office building, the new Lennox AC Units with the Ultimate Comfort System is a smart choice indeed.

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