Furnace Problems in ScottsdaleIt’s a common fact that sometimes even the best mechanical equipment breaks down. However, contrary to popular opinion, some of the best solutions to fixing these issues are the easiest to diagnose. The key to saving money is learning how to troubleshoot common furnace problems in Scottsdale so you don’t have to stress about calling the heating company for every little issue. Since most common furnace issues are caused by simple things – here are a few troubleshooting tips that can help you self-diagnose and repair common furnace issues in Scottsdale homes.

Check #1 – Does The Furnace Have Power?

The first thing that any home owner should check when they experience a problem with their furnace is power supply. Believe it or not, most furnace repair service in Scottsdale can be avoided simply by answering this relatively easy question – does the furnace have power? To check this you’ll want to examine a few systems that impact the furnaces ability to operate including:

  • Check the power switch. Believe it or not, sometimes furnace switches will be turned off by accident or tripped due to an electrical short. So the first thing you want to check is the actual power switch on the furnace.
  • Check the breaker box. The next item down the power supply line is the breaker box. Your breaker will indicate which individual circuit operates your furnace. Check to see if that circuit is ‘tripped’ – and if so, simply reset and see if that solves your problem.
  • If you try both of these and your furnace still doesn’t have power, contact your local furnace repair service in Scottsdale as soon as possible.

Check #2 – Check The Furnace Pilot Light

Most gas powered furnaces have a pilot light that is a small, blue flame that touches the tip of the thermocouple. It’s very common – especially in Scottsdale that a pilot light will simply be ‘blown out’. If you look inside your furnace and see a small flame burning, this is OK. However, if the pilot light is lit but the main burners are not on – this could be a major problem. Always contact your dependable heating company in Scottsdale to fix this issue.

Check #3 – Feel For Heat On The Side Of The Furnace

One way to reduce furnace repair cost in Scottsdale is to complete a self-inspection of common issues that can be simply fixed by resetting the furnace. And a great test that you can complete is to feel the side of the furnace to see if it’s giving off any heat. If you place your hands near the furnace and you feel heating coming off the actual unit, then the problem is with circulation of the heat. Having this important knowledge and expressing it to the Trane furnace repair company in Scottsdale will help them diagnose the potential problem before they arrive. And if they have this information before your appointment, the furnace repair or replace process will be much quicker – and affordable.

It’s clearly obvious that the more you can do yourself to examine and troubleshoot common furnace problems in Scottsdale, the better off you’ll be; financially. However, if you don’t feel comfortable working on or examining your furnace system – by all means; don’t. Contact your trustworthy heating repair company in Scottsdale and let the professionals complete your furnace repairs correctly – the first time.


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