Improve Indoor Air QualityPoor indoor air quality is rapidly becoming a health epidemic in America. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, GA recently released findings that nearly 65% of all American households have poor indoor air quality. This shocking statistic, along with the rising costs in medical care, increases of COPD diagnosis and other respiratory illness is causing several Arizona home owners to look for affordable ways to improve indoor air quality.

4 Simple Ways To Improve Indoor Air Quality At Home

First: Replace your Filters Every Month

Here is a question for you – can you put a price on wellness? The simple truth is that the cost of replacing indoor air filters every month and reducing the chances of respiratory illness by up to 75% each month is miniscule. In fact, most home owners in Scottsdale have between 4-6 indoor air filters. And since most disposable filters cost between five to six dollars each, simply making the small investment to replace these filters can significantly improve your indoor air quality.

Second: Clean your Vents Each Week

Another easy and cost-effective way that Scottsdale residents can take a proactive step to improving indoor air quality at home is by cleaning their vents each week. Most poor indoor air quality is spread when cold or warm air is circulated back into the home. And since the vents are where the air returns to the house, and these vents collect tons of dirt, debris and dust that contributes to poor indoor air quality – taking time to simply clean these vents weekly can vastly improve indoor air quality.

The best way to clean vents is to use a Swiffer sweeper or a microfiber towel to remove the dust. This will significantly reduce the amount of dust that circulates back into the air.

Third: Buy a Few House Plants

House plants are a great way to improve your indoor air quality since they consume CO2 and release O2. Carbon Monoxide is a very poisonous gas, and believe it or not, thousands of people are killed each year due to CO2 poisoning. This is why improving indoor air quality with plants is rising – especially in dry weather states like Arizona where windows are not frequently opened during the year. Buying and strategically placing a few good house plants will help collect poor air quality and help you breathe easier. Plus, they are always nice to look at daily. Check out 10 house plants that help purify the air now.

Fourth: Improving Air Quality with Asthma

If you have chronic asthma, you understand the fear that comes with dirty air. Whether it’s looking outside and seeing a ‘burn’ or the fear you have about having an attack; there is nothing ‘funny’ about living with this respiratory disease. There are several great organizations and groups, like The Right2Breathe™ Campaign that provide several tips for home owners with asthma for improving their indoor air quality. In fact, there are several indoor air quality units that you can install that can vastly reduce the chances of Asthma flair-ups and attacks.

Fifth: Check Your Air Duct Work For Leaks

One of the best ways to improve the indoor air quality of your home and also its energy efficiency is to have an air duct inspection performed. Air ducts are essentially the respiratory system of your home. Everything you breathe inside will filter through these ducts, circulating hot air and cool air inside the house all year long. Although they are manufactured professionally, over an extended period of time the air ducts can become dirty, loose and even filled with holes. These holes will allow precious cool or warm air to escape, and it will also pull the dirty air from your attic into your ventilation system that can have harmful effects . This is why scheduling an air duct inspection can be crucial.

The process of improving indoor air quality in Scottsdale is 90% inspiration and 10% perspiration. Simply taking the time to replace indoor filters, keep your vents clean and exploring creative ways of reducing the spread of harmful dust and debris are easy ways to improve the air you breathe. If you need any assistance in finding ways to improve indoor air quality inside your home – contact your local HVAC contractor in Scottsdale today.


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