Air duct sealingIt is estimated by the US Department of Energy that four out of ten homes in America lose over 30% of its energy efficiency each year. With a huge interest in decreasing energy usage across the country, one of the leading causes of low energy efficiency is ductwork that is leaking inside the home. It’s due to this growing trend that many Arizona residents look for air duct sealing services in order to increase energy efficiency.

Many homeowners in Arizona truly understand the struggle that comes with energy bill costs in summertime. Since one of the major causes of loss of cool air in summer and warm air in winter is leaking air ducts, how can you determine whether or not you need to call in a professional to inspect and repair the damage?

Warning Signs That Your Ductwork Is Leaking

Tip #1 – Check the Consistency of Room Temperature

When the ductwork is working properly a room should maintain a consistent temperature around the clock. Typically in summer time, cool air circulates through the house consistently and smoothly. And when the ductwork works fine it’s very rare to see the temperature shift dramatically or for a room to experience warm or cold spots. But, if you do notice that the room temperature changes frequently or if you notice cold or warm spots in a room, you might have a ductwork issue that needs to be resolved.

Tip #2 – Compare Energy Bills Year to Date

Although most energy bills tend to rise from year to year, for the most part, energy consumption will remain consistent based on the law of averages. And if your monthly energy bills are rising each month, progressively increasing when it begins to cool down, this is a warning sign that you might have leaking ductwork. A great way to compare is to look up your energy consumption as opposed to the cost you’re paying. If you’re using more energy it is likely that this is due to air escaping from the ductwork and the house not being cooled or heating appropriately.

Tip #3 – Check for Humidity Levels inside the House

Another easy to spot warning sign for leaking ductwork is if you notice that your house is more humid that normal. Typically leaking ductwork tends to result in humid air being introduced into your house from the AC unit. This is a huge warning sign during the monsoon months in Arizona when we get the most rain during the year. When ductwork is leaking, water will seep into the ductwork causing the humidity inside your house to rise significantly.

Tip #4 – Check the Filters

It is recommended that you replace the HVAC system air filters at least every few months. This is why a great way to check for leaking ductwork is to inspect the filters for how much debris is trapped inside. When ductwork is leaking, more dirt, debris and other materials will find themselves entering the air ducts. Since the filters trap this debris before you breathe dirty air, and if they are more dirty than typical, then it is a sure fire indicator that your ductwork might be leaking.

A great solution to this problem is to have air duct sealing performed. Believe it or not, there are new programs and technology that allow HVAC experts to repair and seal air ducts without having to do extensive repairs. In an effort to increase energy efficiency and to reduce your monthly energy bills, consider having your air ducts sealed.


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