air conditioner leaking water inside your houseOne of the most troublesome issues that happens when summer hits is your air conditioner leaking water inside your house. And quite frankly, wondering why the AC unit is leaking water inside the home, what causes this problem and how to fix it are the most commonly asked questions of Air Conditioning companies across America. However, you’ll be surprised to learn that leaking water from an AC unit can have multiple root causes and many different solutions. However, in order to provide some good factual answers, here are a few things to consider if water is leaking inside your home from the Air Conditioning unit.


What Causes This Problem?

Air conditioning units are designed to filter warm and humid air that is inside your home through a condenser unit inside the air conditioner and cycle cool, dryer air into the house. This is the process that keeps your house cool in summer. The byproduct of this air conditioning system is that water from the humid air inside your home, (sometimes due to rain storms in monsoon months) tends to overflow the drainage system of an AC Unit. With no place to drain, the water overflows from the drainage system into your house if the AC unit on your roof.

What Should I Do If This Happens?

The next question people have about air conditioning systems leaking water into the house is what they should do about this problem. The first thing you should do is to call an air conditioning repair company in Scottsdale immediately. The primary problem with leaking water from an AC unit is that it can cause an electrical emergency, with water being exposed to highly-charged electrical units like air conditioners for example. Leaking water can also damage your roof or window frames, so it is very important to deal with this problem as soon as possible. Another important step is to turn off power to your AC unit as soon as you notice water leaking from the unit itself.

How Do I Prevent This From Occurring Again?

The best advice given here is to ensure you have your AC unit inspected at least one time per year. It is best to have an air conditioning expert visit your home during non-peak season, or prior to summer to inspect the mechanical systems of any AC unit you use. This includes replacing filters, making sure refrigerant and other lubricants are topped off as well as inspecting the drainage system to ensure it is not blocked up with debris or other contaminants.

Simply put, if this ever happens to you, it is always best to contact a professional and reliable HVAC repair specialist and not to attempt to fix this on your own. Remember, water and electricity never go hand in hand, so it’s always best to leave this type of repair to the professionals who will keep your AC unit running strong and leak-free.


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