With so many Air Conditioning units on the market these days, how does somebody in Scottsdale pick one that is perfect for their individual needs? Actually, that’s precisely what you should do – find one that fits the exact needs for your particular home. And arguably, one of the best overall units according to several Trane air conditioner reviews posted by third-party sources are the units built by Trane. And as the summer months approach and the triple digit temperatures arrive, finding and installing the best Trane Air Conditioning unit that fits your exact needs is a great way to ensure you get top value for your AC unit.

Here are a few product reviews of the top selling Trane air conditioner units.

The Trane XL20i

The Trane XL20i is regarded as one of the most energy efficient ac units available on the market today. This very reliable unit is designed to stand up to the extreme hot weather conditions that Arizona is well known for while delivering effective cooling – even during the hottest days the Valley of the Sun can produce. This unit is also very energy efficient, making sure to cool your home but also save you money on energy bills each month.

  • The Trane XL20i produces up to 20.00 SEER
  • This item is also hard wired to communicate directly with smart phone technology – making it completely remote capable.
  • Comes with Dual Climatuff® compressors

One of the unique features of theXL20i is great feature that enhances airflow called the Comfort-R™. This feature allows you to control the temperature in the house, but also provides warm air during heating season as well. This keeps the temperature levels consistent during the year, which makes the home much more comfortable year round.

The Trane XR16

For people looking for an air conditioning unit that puts a standard on energy efficiency for smaller homes, the Trane XR16 is a wonder unit to check out. This product comes with a two-stage cooling (and heating if you’re in need of a full-service HVAC system) that will ensure your home maintains a level temperature year-long. It is extremely durable as well, having the strength and professional material construction to withstand the most intense heat and cold weather.

Another strong attribute of this unit that has an SEER rating of 18.00 and has the TRANE CleanEffects™ air filtration system which is a great add-on designed to maximize fresh air filtration in your home. Keeping the air inside your home as clean as possible is not only positive for higher quality life, but also for those who live with COPD and other breathing issues.

Across the board, these two air conditioning units available from Trane are two of the best and most popular for most Arizona homes. However, one tip that most Trane air conditioning reviews don’t often talk about it to make sure you contact a reliable HVAC service professional to inspect your home before buying any AC unit. They will make sure to check out all aspects of the AC system – from duct work to the filtration system and give a professional recommendation for an air conditioning unit that is best for your specific needs.

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