Energy efficient attic fanSeveral smart and energy conscious home owners in Scottsdale have been actively looking for ways to reduce monthly energy bills while being environmentally responsible at the same time. One popular new method is installing solar powered attic fans in their Scottsdale homes. For those who may not know, a solar attic fan is powered by the sun, installed on the exterior of your roof and on the inside of the attic of any house. They are designed to decrease the overall temperature of the attic and thus lower the overall temperature of the home.

Important benefits of installing solar powered fans

Solar Attic Fans Allow other Units to Operate More Efficiently

A constant reality of science is that hot air rises while cold air descends. Due to the fact that the air inside an attic can approach up to 150 degrees during mid-summer in Arizona, this creates an overall warmer house in which to cool. However, when you install a solar attic fan, this removes the majority if the hot air trapped in the attic and will create a cooler home across the board. When this occurs, all other major appliances in the house such as refrigerators, air conditioning units and other major appliances that keep things cool don’t have to work as hard.

Solar Attic Fans Extend the Life of other Appliances

Since the appliances in the house that use a solar attic fan don’t work as hard, they tend to last longer. In fact, it is estimated that solar attic fans will reduce the overall house temperature by 20 + degrees which allows critical home cooling devices like air conditioning units to work much more efficiently. This reduces the stress level of the AC unit and keeps it running smooth, as opposed to having to work harder to keep the temperature lower. This also applies to refrigerators. Although most refrigerators are well insulated, the fact remains that when they are opened and exposed to higher heat inside a home, they have to work harder to maintain that lower temperature.

Solar Attic Fans Keep the House More Comfortable

As we discussed above, the addition of a solar attic fan to remove heat keeps the house at a lower temperature across the board. This also allows the ac unit to work better, saving energy and thus reducing your monthly energy bill. However, it also allows fresh air to be circulated through your home and actually will remove small dust particles and other contaminants from the house. The object of the solar attic fan is to remove hot air from the attic. But other contaminants like dust particles and dirt tend to build up in attics. And when the solar fan removes the warm air, it also removes this debris. This keeps the house air we breathe cleaner and provides a more comfortable living environment.

When you look at the advantages of installing solar powered attic fans, it seems rather obvious why a smart, energy conscious resident of Scottsdale and surrounding cities would consider buying and installing one. The key to ensuring these units function properly is installing them in the correct location and ensuring a proper seal so no contaminants enter the home. The best advice we could offer is to contact Scottsdale Air, a qualified solar attic fan installation company to ask about all the benefits and risks involved in installing one of these highly energy efficient units.

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