Is your old air conditioning unit ready for summerWith the hot summer months rapidly approaching the Valley of the Sun, many Scottsdale residents are scrambling to ensure their old air conditioning unit prepared for yet another sweltering hot summer. The simple truth is that like any other mechanical devise, air conditioning units need to be well maintained. This is even more applicable for older ac units. So if you’re in that unique position where you want to make sure your air conditioning unit will last strong for at least one more summer in Scottsdale, here is an important checklist of items you should have completed.

AC Unit Checklist Before Summer Arrives

TIP #1: Make sure to hire a Reliable HVAC Inspection Company to Check Out Your AC Unit

When you’ve got an older air conditioning unit, it is vital to make sure that it is professionally inspected by a reliable HVAC repair company for safety, efficiency and routine maintenance. With the creation of the internet, the ability to find a reliable provider of AC Unit repairs is becoming easier than before. And one great sources of finding qualified and professional HVAC repair companies is allows consumers who hire all-sorts of contractors to review them on several key areas including: Professionalism, Customer Experience and Total Cost and time it took to complete the project.

So check out to find a HVAC inspection company who will make sure your older AC unit is safe for extended use for hot summertime conditions. You should also know that the team at Scottsdale Air has had a great relationship with Angie’s List and we are very proud to have earned their 2012 Super Service Award.

TIP #2: Replace Your Air Filters

The second item you need to check off your list is to replace your air filters prior to summertime heat. When you have an older air conditioning unit, it will function best when there are no restrictions. Dirty air filters force an AC unit to work harder, and thus might lead to a break down for an older AC unit when it is hot outside. Replacing filters is a minimal expense and will reduce the potential of your older unit breaking down when you least can afford this to occur.

TIP #3: Make Sure You Keep the Temperature Cool but not Cold

The final checklist item for preparing for summer with an older air conditioning unit is to make sure your AC thermostat is also in good shape. Just like any other mechanical device, sometimes thermostats don’t work as intended. They need to be inspected, calibrated and replaced when they wear out – just like an AC Unit. When you hire a professional HVAC inspection company to ensure your older air conditioning unit is safe, have them inspect your thermostat as well.

Once you are ensured that the thermostat is functional, make sure you keep the inside temperature set to be comfortable, but not too cold. This will cause your AC unit to work less hard and again, reduce the potential of breaking down when it’s boiling hot outside.

The steps listed above are guaranteed to make a big difference in the way your old air conditioning unit runs this summer. It’s easy to put your air conditioning unit maintenance off and not make it a priority, but by taking just a few simple steps you’ll be prepared for summer in Scottsdale.

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