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Believe it or not – it is important to have HVAC air conditioner service in Scottsdale completed before winter hits. Although our temperatures tend to stay relatively comfortable from September through early March, at night and the early morning hours, it can dip below freezing. And due to this extreme cold weather, some cooling systems need to be prepared for the winter – while others do not require intensive ‘shut down’ procedures.

To simplify this, here are some tips for preparing your HVAC air conditioning service in the Phoenix Valley for the upcoming winter months.

Central Air Conditioning Units

The most typical type of AC system in Scottsdale is the central air conditioning unit. These systems are self-contained and are typically installed outside your home, placed on a concrete slab. Traditionally, there are no ‘shut down’ procedures that are mandatory however there are a few things you should do as you begin to slowly stop using your AC.

  • Change out your filters every month. Remember, your filters also impact the performance of your heating unit as well, so even though you don’t use your AC as much in Fall, keep on replacing your filters on a monthly basis.
  • Set up a post-summer inspection. A great idea to diagnose potential broken components is to have routine maintenance performed on your cooling system before winter. This will allow the tech to diagnose any small issues that will grow when you activate the AC again in spring.

Heat Pump Systems

Another common type of cooling system in Arizona is the heat pump unit. These systems are designed to keep your home at a consistent temperature all year long. Since they don’t use refrigerant or water to cool your home, they don’t require any special winterizing maintenance. However, just like the above central air example, you’ll want to ensure to have your unit serviced before the cold weather arrives – just to make sure that it’s in working order.

Swamp Coolers

For homes or commercial buildings that have swamp coolers or evaporative coolers as a primary cooling source, you’ll want to make sure they are prepared for winter. Typically, the winterizing procedure for swamp coolers is as follows:

  • First, shut off the water valve that flows water to the swamp cooler
  • Second, drain the swamp cooler of excess water
  • Third, clean and lubricate all moving parts
  • Fourth, cover your swamp cooler to protect it from the elements in winter

As with any major appliance, if you’re not 100% comfortable about servicing your swamp cooler for winter, always contact a HVAC professional to complete this step for you. During these service calls they can also inspect your system for leaks, damage or any other signs of premature wear and tear.

Any Cooling System

Regardless of what type of cooling system you have in Arizona, there are three things that you should always do before winter:

  • Make sure you have HVAC air conditioning service completed before you turn your unit back on the following spring.
  • Make sure to continually change out your filters every month.
  • Always make sure to keep your thermostat calibrated. This will help the overall performance of your complete HVAC system.

As you can see, there are not a lot of things to include in regards to HVAC air conditioner service in Scottsdale. The critical step is to ensure you take time to have a professional Scottsdale air conditioning service company examine and inspect your system after the extensive use it undergoes in summer. This small investment in time and resources can save you a ton of money in unexpected repairs down the road.

Don’t wait until the the cold weather is upon us, contact a professional today! Call Scottsdale Air Heating & Cooling at 480.359.7141

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