home air filtersOne of the leading causes of common colds, allergies and other illnesses is poor indoor air quality. And in the dusty and windy desert it’s not surprising how common these medical conditions pop up. Recent research by the Department of Energy, however, indicated that by simply changing your indoor home air filters once every month can reduce the onset of most allergic attacks and common colds by 70 percent.

Reasons for Changing Indoor Air Filters

When Should I Change out Indoor Air Filters?

In Arizona, or any other State in the Southwestern US, it is recommended to replace your indoor home air filters on a monthly basis. This is due to the increased dust and dirt that circulates and finds its way into the homes, ductwork and rafters of many Arizona homes. One thing to remember is that the filters work both ways, by circulating the dirty air from inside your home into the HVAC system, but also distributing cool or warmer air into the house through the ductwork. And since the ductwork is often dirty, this means dirty air in – dirty air out.

The best way to reduce this problem is to keep these filters replaced every month. Doing so will help improve your indoor air quality significantly.

What other reasons Should I Replace Home Air Filters?

There are several other benefits besides increasing indoor air quality and reducing the onset of colds, allergies and other breathing conditions such as COPD. Here are just a few:

1)   Replacing indoor air filters will save money on monthly utilities. Every HVAC system works virtually the same basic way: it brings air into a unit, cools or heats that air, and circulates that air back into the home. However, one of the biggest drains of energy is when that air is blocked or obstructed by dirty and clogged air filters. It is estimated by the US Department of Energy that by replacing your filters on a monthly basis, you can save as much as 25 percent on your monthly energy bills.

2)   Replacing indoor air filters also extends life of any HVAC system. Another common problem that HVAC systems have is they tend to become clogged up with dirt, debris and other particles that embed themselves onto mechanical moving parts inside a unit. Again, by improving the quality of air that is circulated into these systems by replacing indoor air filters frequently, you improve the system’s ability to ‘breathe’. And when a mechanical device can ‘breathe’ easy, the results are always positive.

3)   Replacing indoor air filters frequently can also help your indoor electronics. Nobody likes removing dust from furniture, but many of us never consider that all this dust also collects inside our electrical devices. Again, by replacing home air filters every month, you’ll also reduce the amount of dust that gets trapped in your major electrical units like TV’s, computers and other electronic devices. This will extend the life of these systems and, again, potentially save you money in the long run.

Keeping your home as clean as possible, improving your indoor air quality and having your Scottsdale AC run smoothly is simple when you take time to replace your home air filters on a monthly basis.

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