AC Repair Fountain HillsThere is nothing worse than walking into your home in the dead of summer only to discover your AC system is not working right. When this happens, the first move you often make is to the phone book to call your local HVAC repair company. Who are we kidding – nobody uses the phone book anymore, do they? It’s now estimated that over 80% of homeowners look for contractors online these days and are using phone books as doorstops. Since this is becoming the norm, here are a few tips for finding a good AC repair company in Fountain Hills online.

3 Tips For Finding A Dependable AC Repair Company

Tip #1 – Search with Google First

It’s always best to start at the top of any list. And when it comes to finding a solid and dependable AC repair company in Fountain Hills, Google is among the best places to start. Search engines like Google will rank website pages based on keywords that consumers type into their search engines based on two primary elements:

1)   The proper use of the keywords in written content on a particular website page with a focus on quality as opposed to the density of the keyword within the content.

2)   The amount of times that website page has been viewed by others.

The fact remains that companies ranked higher on Google when you search online for AC repair in Fountain Hills place an emphasis on online marketing – and this is a good thing when it comes to hiring a dependable AC contractor.

When a company understands that online marketing provides the best VALUE in reaching potential customers it shows that the business is proactively producing quality with everything they touch. This includes the routine services they provide their customers.

Tip #2 – Check Out and

Once you’ve found a good company on Google that provides dependable AC repairs in your hometown, the next step is to make sure they are reliable and dependable. Checking out independent consumer review websites like and the Better Business Bureau can often complete this. These sites are dedicated to protecting consumers against shady contractors and rewarding good businesses by showcasing their positive service records for people to see. When a company has a positive review on or on, you can depend on them to provide you with affordable and value-driven AC repairs.

Tip #3 – Ask your Friends and Close Family Members

Word of mouth advertising is not dead. In fact many businesses, such as Costco, rely on this to grow their companies. If huge corporations like Costco Wholesale feel confident in this marketing philosophy, so can you. This is why it’s a great idea to get feedback and recommendations from friends and close family members that live in the area. As with all recommendations, use them as a starting point and do your own research to determine what company you should work with in the future.

As you can see, finding a good AC repair company in Fountain Hills is very simple when you follow these easy three tips. And, just like hiring any contractor, make sure that once you find one, take the time to meet with them to discuss details and verify all credentials, licenses and insurance requirements before signing on the dotted line.

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