ac tune up questions scottsdaleWhen it’s warming up outside, the need to have your AC unit tuned up and serviced becomes increasingly important. And when the temperature approaches and sometimes eclipses the triple-digit mark, the last thing you can afford to is have an air conditioning unit that breaks down or doesn’t work as good as it should. As such, finding a quality, ethical air conditioning service professional that can tune up your system before the hot weather cranks up becomes a priority. But what should you ask any air conditioning company when you call for service? To help you out, here are three important ac tune up questions that anybody getting a service should ask.

AC Tune Up Question #1: What is involved in a standard AC Unit tune-up?

When speaking to any contractor about your ac unit, they will be providing you with  service on a major appliance, it is always best to come out swinging with questions an offer and a price. This is why the first question you should ask is what is exactly involved in the AC service tune-ups that they provide. For the most part, a traditional service call for air conditioning units covers the following three main areas:

  • They will inspect the mechanical parts of the entire unit for wear and tear
  • They will replace the filtration systems, recharge the refrigerant and fill any lubricants that are needed to keep the mechanical parts properly maintained
  • They will inspect the ancillary parts of the entire HVAC system including the duct work, the thermostat and drainage system

AC Tune Up Question #2: How often should you have this service completed?

By asking this question, you are basically interviewing them for quality control and honesty. According to consumer reports, and virtually every air conditioning company rated high on, AC tune-ups should be done on an annual basis. It is also highly recommended that this service be completed just prior to the summer months, when the AC unit will receive the majority of the work load. If any company you speak with tells you that it’s best to have the AC tune up done more than once per year, or every other year, you might want to find somebody else.

AC Tune Up Question #3: How much money does an AC unit tune-up cost?

Before hiring any AC repair company to tune up your system, you need to find out detailed costs involved in the service. However, simply asking how much they charge is kind of a tricky question to answer. The reason for this is that each service call is unique, and each AC unit is different. The best AC repair companies will always give you a basic service call price (to have their service experts show up and inspect your AC unit) but also provide you with honest estimates for replacement parts, and individual services. As each AC unit is different and the likely hood of units having more damage than expected, a quality and reliable AC service company will be up front and honest about any charges prior to completing work.

When you can stick to asking these three ac tune up questions, and you receive honest and upfront answers that provide you with detailed answers in a language you can understand, that’s when you know that the company you’ve contacted is a trustworthy one to tune up your AC unit for summer.

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