Is your home AC blowing hot air?

home ac blowing hot airThere is nothing worse than returning home on a hot summer day, turning on the air conditioning unit only to discover your home AC blowing hot air is blowing hot air into the house. Unfortunately, this occurrence happens too often in Scottsdale and when it does, many people scramble to find an affordable and reliable solution.

Before you pick up the phone and contact a reliable AC service professional, believe it or not, there are a few things you can do as a pre-inspection to attempt to fix this common problem yourself. Below are a few tips to consider before making that AC service call.

1st: Check the Thermostat Settings

It might sound crazy, but the most common cause for your home AC unit blowing hot air is due to a thermostat that is improperly set. Whether this is due to somebody in the home making that change without you noticing, or a simple malfunction of the thermostat unit (especially on automatic thermostats) sometimes the solution is as easy as making sure the settings are correct.

One thing to consider is if the power to your house has gone out before the AC unit started to blow hot air out into the house. Sometimes when power is shut off, this will return the AC unit thermostat to factory settings. So just check the thermostat to make sure it’s programmed correctly.

2nd: Check the Outside AC Unit Connections

This is steps really depends on where your unit is located. Typically, for most Scottsdale residents you’ll have to climb up onto your roof. This is not something we’re suggesting you do, it’s simply something that you can choose to do, if you’re comfortable with it. Once you’re able to see and look at your unit, you’ll want to verify that the lines connected to the AC unit, including electrical power, water and other support lines are not severed or damaged. Sometimes rodents or small animals can chew their way into power and water hoses connected to AC units which cause them to function incorrectly. This is why you should do a simple check to the connections outside – just to be sure everything looks ‘ok’.

3rd: Check the Lines

So, the next step to take while you’re looking at the physical unit, is to see if the water or electrical lines are corroded or show any signs of premature wear and tear. Another simple step to check while you’re looking at the AC unit outside is to see if the fans are blocked by any debris or if the drainage system is not draining any condensation.

Although you might not be able to fix these issues yourself, this will provide you with some valuable information in order to move forward to step #4.

4th: Contact a Reliable AC Service Professional

Although there are a few minor issues that can cause an AC unit to blow hot air into your home in Scottsdale, Carefree, Tempe, Arcadia (or anywhere you may be in the Valley) most of the time this condition is due to an internal issue inside the AC unit itself. At this time you’ll want to rely on the expertise of professional Scottsdale cooling specialists to inspect your AC unit, make the appropriate repairs and also inspect ancillary areas of the HVAC system, like ductwork and thermostats to verify the complete system is operating as efficiently as possible.


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