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As the summer heat begins to escape the Phoenix valley, many commercial business owners and home owners withTrane rooftop units might consider shutting down their systems. However, did you know that the fall is actually one of the best times to service any rooftop air conditioning system? And believe it or not taking the proactive measure to have routine AC service completed – when the weather is still relatively warm outside can save you a lot of money.

Here are a few reasons why the fall season is actually a great time to have your Trane rooftop unit serviced by professional Trane comfort specialists in Scottsdale.

First – Fall Maintenance can also impact Heating System Operation

One of the biggest misconceptions about commercial and residential HVAC systems is that heating and cooling systems have nothing to do with each other. On the contrary, both units both use several of the same components to efficiently circulate air though the entire building such as:

  • Duct work. When you have your Trane rooftop unit serviced, one of the most common parts of any inspection is to examine the duct work. If your duct work is in need of repair, or is dirty and needs to be cleaned, the Trane comfort specialist can often schedule this to be done quickly. This duct work also is where warm air is circulated throughout a building. So by having your service completed now, you’ll be better prepared to have an efficient and cleaner-operating heating system when it starts to get cold.
  • Thermostats. Another component that is inspected during your Trane rooftop service is the thermostat. And, just like the duct work, this individual component also impacts the operation of the heating unit. Sometimes thermostats fall out of calibration, so when you have it fixed and calibrated in the fall, the thermostat will be in working order to efficiently keep your building warm in winter.
  • Filters. Finally, the filtration system that keeps dirty air from entering your building is also examined and in many cases replaced during your rooftop service. This is critical for efficient air flow for all HVAC units however it also impacts indoor air quality as well.

Second – Trane Rooftop Unit Maintenance also Impacts Energy Consumption

As the weather begins to cool down unfortunately the local energy department tends to increase rates. Across the board, prices per unit consumed of natural gas and electricity tend to be slightly higher in the fall season. Due to this, when you have your rooftop system serviced in the fall, it helps you reduce the amount of energy needed to keep your building cool on those warm days. As we stated above, each of those individual components that also work with the heating unit will impact the overall efficiency of the entire HVAC system.

Before you head into winter, you want to ensure that your HVAC system is operating at peak efficiency across the board, which is another reason why having your rooftop unit tuned up in the fall season is a smart idea.

As you can see, the months of October through December offer commercial building owners and residential home owners are great opportunity to have their Trane rooftop units serviced by professional Trane comfort specialists in Scottsdale.

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