home heating serviceWhen you’re looking to have home heating service completed; what qualities in the company you select are important to you? Believe it or not, most homeowners who search online for a quality home heating service company sometimes forget to ask this simple question. However, not knowing what qualities are important for any home heating service company you hire can result in a lower return on your financial investment.

The Top Four Items To Consider Before Hiring Home Testing Service Providers

So, in order to help understand what a good home heating service includes, here are the top four items that any homeowner should consider before hiring a home heating service providers.

1st – Always make sure any home heating service contractor starts by calibrating the thermostat.

Calibrating the thermostat of your home is the first thing that any smart home heating service contractor should complete. This accomplishes three important steps:

1)     It gives the HVAC contractor a reliable standard to start from to ensure your heating equipment is functioning properly

2)     It can easily help diagnose many major issues with home heating systems and often can save homeowners a lot of money

3)     It allows the heating system to function efficiently once routine inspection of the entire unit has been completed

From time to time, the thermostat will be covered in dust or can be accidentally bumped – which will cause the unit to function poorly. This simple and easy step can save home owners hundreds of dollars in home heating expenses. So make sure anybody you hire accomplishes this step first.

2nd – Any home heating service contractor should always keep moving parts lubricated as part of any service contract.

A heating or cooling unit is comprised of several moving metal parts. And as a result, they need to stay lubricated to ensure they function properly and don’t break. A smart home heating service contractor will recognize this and accomplish this step in any heating service consultation.

3rd – Home heating service providers should always check the electrical connections.

Again, this is a simple step of any home heating service, however, it is something that you should ensure anybody you hire to inspect your home heating unit accomplishes each and every time they visit your property. Another important step is that they fix any voltage issues or connections to ensure safety first and foremost. The biggest cause of most heating unit failures and fires resulting from these failures is the electrical system.

Finally – Make sure they check condensation lines and drip pans

This is a final check that a responsible home heating service contractor will include in their maintenance program of your heating unit. The condensation line can get clogged, overflow and can cause major water damage to the home. Getting your lines or drip pans checked during a routine heating service visit is no laughing matter and has the potential to save you from a very serious issue with water damage and potential flooding in your home or business. .

When you’re looking to have any home heating service done, following these four important steps to selecting a good service provider will save you money, and ensure you and your family safely. If you’re in need of a service on your unit and you live in the Phoenix metro area, the team at On Time Air Conditioning and Heating offers high value, affordable service agreements to keep your unit in tip-top shape, contact us to learn more 623-209-8333.

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