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They say that knowledge is power. When it comes to understanding the basic HVAC system design inside your homeor office space – this statement truly holds water. It’s quite amazing how HVAC systems work to keep us cool in summer and warm during the cold winters in the Phoenix metro. However, when you have a basic understanding of how these units work – not only will you be better prepared to diagnose an issue as it develops; but you’ll also have a better understanding of how to save money when things go wrong.

Here are a few important reasons why understanding the basics about HVAC system designs are critical for any building owner in Scottsdale and surrounding communities in the Valley of the Sun.

Basic HVAC Knowledge will help you Diagnose Problems

When you take drivers education, one of the first lessons they teach are the fundamental basics of how to operate a vehicle. It goes something like this:

  • First, secure the safety belt
  • Second, put the key in the ignition
  • Make sure the car is in park or neutral
  • Turn the key
  • …. continue the driver’s education lesson.

The point is that during driver’s education, they teach you the basics of how to use the vehicle, but very rarely do they actually teach people how the vehicle actually works. Those that learn this important step are often better prepared to understand what to do in a crisis situation when the car doesn’t work right. An HVAC system should be similar. Here are the basics of how any HVAC system works in both residential and commercial applications:

There are three major sections to any HVAC unit:

  • Intake (or the ability to breathe in)
  • Transformation (the ability to convert cold to warm and vice-versa)
  • Exhaust (or the ability to exhale)

First – the heating or cooling system fan inhales air from inside the building

Second – the air then is either warmed or cooled (based on the purpose and type of system)

Third – the newly cooled or warmed air is then exhaled back into the building

It really is that simple. There are several individual components that make up each of the systems. The key thing to remember is that a HVAC system works best when all individual parts work perfectly. And just like a vehicle, when all the moving parts are working well, the result is that the system runs efficiently. When you comprehend this basic structure of HVAC systems, it allows you to make several smart decisions including:

  • If the HVAC system is not cooling or heating your home, the problem is most likely in either in the conversion area.
  • If the air is not being efficiently being circulated through your building, the problem is most likely in the intake or exhaust section.

As you can see knowing the basic HVAC system design inside your home or commercial building is very important. This extra knowledge is not very difficult to obtain. In fact, if you simply talk to your heating and air conditioning professionals in Scottsdale during their annual heating service check-up, they can articulate how your unit is designed, show you where these components are located and give you several tips for what to do in case of emergency situations.

Instances where basic HVAC knowledge is helpful:

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