Have you ever had to comparison shop for a major appliance? If so, you understand the confusion and stress that is lennox heating system often associated with trying to find the perfect heating system to be used at your home. However, when it comes to shopping for  HVAC systems in Scottsdale, one brand seems to compare better than others – Lennox heating systems. There are several reasons why Lennox HVAC systems are leading the way in several consumer attributes and why most Phoenix metro home owners make a smart decision to purchase a Lennox unit.

Reason #1 – Lennox Heating Systems are Extremely Energy Efficient

Even though the extreme heat is more a part of living in Arizona, many home owners forget about the cool winters and the need to find a certified HVAC specialist to install or service their heating unit. One of the biggest improvements in the HVAC industry is the inclusion of energy efficient heating systems – such as the units manufactured by Lennox.

Energy Efficient systems are positive for Arizona home owners for several reasons including:

  • They help you save money on monthly utility bills.
  • Energy Efficient systems tend to last longer than non-efficient systems.
  • Energy Efficient Lennox HVAC Units are quieter than other systems sold.

There are a few Lennox HVAC systems, like the Dave Lennox signature series that are scientifically engineered for smooth, efficient operation. And unlike other brand name systems, Lennox units don’t have that overly enhanced price tag.

Reason #2 – Lennox Residential Heating Units are Affordable

Let’s face it, the number one deciding factor for any major purchase is price. However, what most home owners never consider is the cost associated to owning a major appliance. This is where Lennox systems really tend to accelerate over most competitors. Here is an example of what we’re talking about:

Let’s say that there are two systems for sale that are ‘comparable’ in size and capacity of heating. One is a Lennox and the other is a non-recognized brand. The Lennox system might be priced slightly higher than the generic however, by the time you get both systems installed and operational for an entire year – the cost tends to jump up.

  • The generic system might be cheaper in price, but most likely will require extensive service and maintenance to run efficiently.
  • The lower priced system will also consume more energy frequently – resulting in higher monthly energy bills
  • The Lennox system might be a few hundred dollars up front, but over the period of life you own the unit, it can save you thousands of dollars.

Based on this logic, Lennox heating systems will ‘cost’ less in the end than most other systems you can buy in Scottsdale. There are several other reasons why Lennox systems are better than most, but in the end, as a home owner, you should always pick a heating and cooling system that will work best with your individual home. To learn more about what system is best for your own application, contact your local heating and air conditioning Company in Scottsdale. It good to know how to hire the right heating contractor in Scottsdale to get started.

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