heating repairs scottsdaleThere is quite literally nothing worse than coming home to a freezing home in Scottsdale during the winter. And although many people move to the Valley of the Sun to escape the chill that comes with living in many US states during the winter season, the truth is that it can get down-right cold in the desert. But, believe it or not, there are many common heating repairs in Scottsdale that are completed daily.

Top Heating Repair Issues That Lead To Most Heating System Failures

#1 – Thermostat Malfunctions

Whether it’s an older furnace or a new HVAC heating system, the number one cause of heating system failure in Scottsdale and across the United States is a malfunctioning thermostat. The thermostat is the operating switch that controls the function of the heating unit inside any home. And when this item is properly calibrated, there is no reason why a heating unit can’t continue to operate correctly around the clock – and for several years. When a thermostat falls out of calibration however, this can lead to several other issues including no heat being delivered inside the house, the fan of the heating system not operating and even over-heating issues of a heating system due to the thermostat not being able to shut off a system.

A great routine maintenance tip is to always have your thermostat calibrated annually by a professional HVAC repair and maintenance professional.

#2 – Dirty and Clogged Air Filters

The second leading cause of most heating unit failures in Scottsdale are clogged and dirty filters. A heating unit is just like any other mechanical device – it requires the sum of all parts working together to operate efficiently. And one of the most critical parts of an air-based system is proper filtration. When dirty air enters a heating unit’s critical components the results can be devastating to the unit, but also decrease the air quality inside your home. Clogged or dirty air filters will cause air flow problems and can lead to broken belts, worn out bearings and complete heating system failure. It also can lead to potential fire danger during the winter, as dirty filters can be very flammable.

A great maintenance tip here is to replace your house HVAC filters every three months to ensure your home’s air quality is good and the heating unit operates efficiently around the clock.

#3 – No Routine Maintenance Programs

Although broken thermostats and clogged air filters tend to lead to most common heating system repairs, the leading cause of most HVAC system failures is a lack of simple routine maintenance. Just like a car, your HVAC system needs to be tuned up frequently in order to operate efficiently. And for HVAC units, it is always recommended to have an annual inspection performed by a licensed HVAC repair specialist that will cover the following maintenance issues:

  • Check and fill all fluids
  • Tighten all belts and fittings
  • Clean internal HVAC system filters
  • Clear any debris inside the HVAC unit or outside the unit that might obstruct proper air flow

No matter what type of heating system you have, understanding the common heating repairs in Scottsdale and what simple steps you can complete to reduce these issues will go a long way to ensuring your home remains comfortable and cozy warm as the cold winter temps arrive in Arizona.


Our professional HVAC repair specialists at Scottsdale Air Heating & Cooling can provide valuable and easy to understand repair and maintenance guidance. Contact us or call 480.359.7141 today!

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