Has the summer heat taken its toll on your Scottsdale air conditioning system? If your system isn’t keeping you cool, it is time for service. The hard part comes when you need to decide to repair your existing unit, or replace it with a newer one. This question isn’t easily answered, and will be dependent on the specific problems you are experiencing, as well as your system’s history.

This decision shouldn’t be decided without first consulting an expert. Your trusted Ahwatukee AC company can help you locate the cause of the problem and provide accurate suggestions on how best to proceed. If you are still unsure of their suggestions, feel free to get a second opinion. After all, making the wrong decision could lead you to more problems in the future.

Take the following questions into consideration as you make the decision whether to repair or replace:

Have you had to call for repair multiple times in the last year?

If you have had to call on the repairman more than once in the last year, it may be a sign that your system is experiencing serious operational issues and replacement may be in order.

How long ago was your system installed?

Is your system 10 to 15 years old? Older systems lose efficiency and performance excellence over the years, leaving you with subpar results and costly utility bills.

Is it costing you a fortune to operate?

As previously mentioned, old or inefficient systems may cause your energy expenses to increase suddenly, aside from the normal increase in energy costs that we all experience each year. When your system operates excessively to cool your space, it is using additional power to operate, which causes the increase in your expenses.

Has the noise level during operation increased greatly?

An increase in the noise level may be caused by a number of things, one of which is a problem with the indoor coil, an essential part of your system’s functionality. Improperly sized ductwork may be another cause.

Common causes of AC problems that can easily be repaired include using the wrong filter type/ not changing the filter regularly, not having adequate air returns in your home or business, inaccurate refrigerant charge, or even leaky ductwork. If your Gilbert heating & air conditioning specialist determines replacement to be your best bet, you can expect to benefit from a manufacturer’s warranty, improved indoor air quality and energy efficiency, as well as the use of environmentally-sound refrigerants that won’t warm the atmosphere. Also, be sure to ask about available rebates and tax incentives you may be eligible for. When you need service, call a reputable company you can trust to be honest with you. Call us to get the best Scottsdale HVAC repair service whenever you need it.

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