how heat pumps workWhen you’re existing HVAC system is on the fritz and you’re in need to replace it, what would you consider as a suitable or better replacement? If you are like most Scottsdale residents, you might consider the use of a new electrical heat pump system to keep your home cool and warm during the summer and winter months. If you’ve never heard of this new environmentally conscious heating and cooling system you might be asking how a heat pump works. Fortunately, we have some simple answers for you that will also help you decide whether a heat pump system is a smart choice to replace your old heating in Scottsdale.

Posted below are some of the benefits and advantages of heat pump systems for residents in and around the Scottsdale, AZ area.

How A Heat Pump Works

If you’re wondering how a heat pump works – here are the basics:

  • A heat pump cooling and heating system uses the natural warmth and cooling factors of the ground and circulates warm or cool air throughout your house. Instead of converting electricity into cold or heat, it absorbs the heat from the outside air or ground and is pumped into your house to keep the house warm. In summertime, the hot air inside your house is circulated outside of the home through this heat pump system.
  • When the heat is pumped out of your house when it’s hot outside, the effect is a cooling system that keeps your home at a comfortable and consistent temperature. This is also accomplished in the winter, but heat is transferred into the house by warmth collected in the ground.

What Are Benefits Of Heat Pump Systems?

Heat pumps are extremely efficient HVAC units which draw upon using much less energy to keep a house heated and cooled. They use natural resources found in either ambient temperature or the natural heat found underground to reduce the amount of money you spend on monthly heating and cooling of your home.

The core benefits of how a heat pump works include:

  • Heat pumps are much less expensive than natural gas heating units
  • Heat pumps keep the air inside your home consistently cool or warm – so there are no temperature fluctuations during the day or evening.
  • Heat pumps do not dry your inside air like most heating units. This will allow the inside air you breathe to be easier to breath, less contaminated with dust or harmful particles and allow people with COPD or other breathing issues to live a higher quality of life – without the use of expensive and energy draining humidifiers.

Why Should Arizona Residents Replace Their Old Heating Units With Heat Pump Systems?

Heat pump systems are perfect units to replace older Heating systems that break down for many reasons as we’ve stated above. And when you see how a heat pump works, and the money it can save you on monthly energy bills, provide a much more comfortable living environment, and improve your quality of life, it’s easy to see why buying a heat pump system provides more benefits than drawbacks. If you’re have questions about heat pumps, Call Scottsdale Air at 480-359-7141.

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