Picking the right sized heating and air conditioning unit for any home can be a difficult proposition. However, determining the right size Scottsdale HVAC unit is really not as complex as you might think. In fact, if you follow a few simple tips, you’ll be able to not only understand if a 3.5 ton AC unit is best for your home, but you’ll be able to speak intelligently with any heating and air conditioning installation company about your homes new system.

Here are a few tips to remember when determining whether or not a 3.5 ton AC unit is appropriate for your home.

Picking The Best Size HVAC Unit

Load calculations have been used by professional HVAC installation experts for decades as a means to determine what size and strength of an AC unit is right for a particular home. But what exactly is a load calculation? In simple terms, the load calculation is a mathematic equation which factors in a few elements to determine what sized AC unit will operate energy efficiently and provide the most comfort for a home owner. Some of the key factors include:

  • Square footage of the home
  • How many floors the home has (and how many rooms on each floor)
  • The amount of windows, and which direction they face (meaning do some windows face east / west: which will let in more sun and increase internal home temperature; or do windows face North/South.
  • How complex is the duct work system and how many vents are located in the house

When you are trying to figure out the right size of an AC unit to install in your home, always work with a licensed HVAC installation expert to perform a correct load calculation to give you a good starting point on picking the right sized unit.

Tip #2 – Always Remember Energy Efficiency is Crucial to Proper Operation

Another way to determine whether or not a 3.5 ton AC unit is appropriate for your home is to consider how efficient the AC unit will operate inside your home. Some factors that impact the AC unit’s efficiency include:

  • How large the unit is in size and how much electricity the AC unit requires to function at peak efficiency
  • How many vents there are inside the home and how many levels the house has that includes living space
  • How high are the ceilings and how much total square footage is inside the home
  • What type of AC unit do you have – or is the unit Energy Star® rated

Across the board, making sure that any AC unit you install inside your house is energy efficient first and foremost is a primary consideration to factor when questioning whether a 3.5 ton unit is the right size for your home. If a 3.5 ton unit won’t operate efficiently inside your home, always defer on the opinions of the experts to determine what size is correct.

Tip #3 – Consider the Cooling Capacity of the AC Unit

Finally, the last equation to consider when picking a new AC unit is the cooling capacity of the unit. Air Conditioners are measured in BTU’s or British Thermal Units. Based on the homes square footage, and the load calculations completed by an expert always select an AC unit that matches the BTU ratings for the square footage of the home you live. A great resource for learning more about BTU’s is the website Energystar.gov.

The bottom line here to consider is that when you’re choosing what size HVAC unit to install for your home, it is suggested that you always get the input of a professional HVAC installation company – or even multiple opinions. And although many homes in Arizona find that a 3.5 ton HVAC unit works for their homes, always complete the right steps to determine what size unit is perfect for you.

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