Air Conditioning Load Calculation and Selecting an HVAC Unit in Scottsdaleair conditioning load calculation

One of the drawbacks of owning a home or commercial building is the cost and time spent to replace major appliances such as a new HVAC unit. Living and working in Scottsdale requires the use of a dependable cooling system for the majority of the year. It’s due to this fact that finding the right sized system is very critical. And without question the best way to determine which unit is right for you is to have air conditioning load calculation completed by a professional HVAC contractor in Scottsdale AZ.

Here are some interesting facts about AC load calculation and how it can help you select the perfect sized AC unit for your home in Scottsdale.

Fact #1 – What is a Load Calculation?

For those that may not be aware, an ac load calculation is a mathematical process that professional HVAC contractors use to determine the most efficient to either cool or heat a building. This process was established several years ago and has proven to be very effective in streamlining the time and cost of installing any HVAC system. As technology has improved, the tools used to complete a load calculation have also become easier for HVAC contractors to complete this very important process.

A load calculation factors in several individual elements about a building that all impact the overall heating or cooling ability including:

  • The total square footage of the building
  • The total amount of rooms and floors inside a building
  • Amount of non-livable space inside the building (such as crawl spaces, attics and other)
  • The amount and type of insulation inside a building
  • How many windows, doors and other non-sealed areas are inside a building (and the location of those windows and doors).
  • The quality, style and type of duct work, vents, and all aspects of the HVAC system

There are other factors that also help the HVAC contractor complete an effective load calculation such as landscaping outside, location of the building (which sides of the house face towards the sun) and other obstructions around a building that can obstruct direct sunlight.

Fact #2 – What does a Load Calculation Show?

After taking all the appropriate measurements, a professional HVAC contractor in Scottsdale will then plug all of this data into a highly advanced computer simulation to determine the right type and size of HVAC system. The purpose of this load calculation is to find out how much power, size and capacity of cooling is needed in order to EFFICIENTLY keep a building cool. This provides homeowners and commercial building owners with several benefits including:

  • Helps them save money on monthly utility bills
  • Gives them a good starting point when determining what type, brand, size of cooling system to purchase and install
  • Ensures that any cooling system you install will be energy efficient

Fact #3 – How do you pick the Right HVAC Unit?

Once the air conditioning load calculation figures are complete, a professional HVAC contractor in Scottsdale will work with you to pick out the perfect type of cooling system. Each building is unique, which is why it’s so important to have this advanced calculation completed by a seasoned HVAC professional. They’ll have the experience to help you choose a cooling system that is affordable, will be very efficient, dependable and most importantly – will help keep your home or commercial building comfortable when the hot temps hit Scottsdale.

Call Scottsdale Air Heating & Cooling today at 480.359.7141, to get your air conditioning load calculation in Scottsdale done right by the professionals.

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