air conditioning in GrayhawkEnd Of Summer Maintenance Tips For Air Conditioning In Grayhawk

In many US States, once August comes and goes, it often means the end of summer. However, Arizona living is a bit unique in that your air conditioning in Grayhawk will continue to keep you cool for many months after ‘summer’ typically ends. Since this is a reality in our community, it’s important to understand that you’ll need to follow a few routine maintenance tips that will permit your AC system in Grayhawk to run smooth well into November.

Keep Your AC System Running Smoothly

Tip #1 – Make Sure To Schedule A Mid-Summer Tune-Up

It’s a great idea to have your AC system tuned-up by a professional HVAC service company in Grayhawk twice every year. The first time to have it inspected is before summer hits. The second time most people tend to have completed a mid-summer tune-up is often in August or September. This quick inspection, performed by a licensed and certified HVAC professional will inspect several items that are critical to overall air conditioning performance including:

  • Inspect the internal components for premature wear and tear.
  • Make sure all fluid levels are topped off and is clean.
  • Tighten up all hoses, belts and other moving parts that might be loose due to extended use in summer.
  • Replace indoor and outdoor filters that keeps the AC unit clean, neat and running energy efficient.

Tip #2 – Keep Your Thermostat A Few Degrees Higher Than Normal In September

Another easy way to save your AC from overheating or developing a major problem is to turn up the temperature a few degrees on your thermostat. We’re not suggesting that you compromise indoor comfort, but a simple adjustment of 2-4 degrees can save hours of use each day on your AC system. Make sure you always keep the system ‘ON’ and never shut it off when you leave for an extended trip as this could cause the system to break down when you turn it back on.

Tip #3 – Replace Your Indoor Filters And Clean Duct Vents

The best way to protect your AC system from damage in the summer is to make certain it has the capability to breathe. Believe it or not, an AC system in Grayhawk runs very similar to a vacuum:  circulating air through vents to efficiently cool or heat your home. The most common cause of AC system inefficiency is a dirty indoor filter. Since we live in the desert, and we get a lot of wind and dirt circulated through our homes every day, it’s advised that you replace your indoor filters once per month during the summer months. Not only does this improve your AC system’s ability to breathe and run smooth, but it will also help improve your indoor air quality.

Make sure to follow these three steps for keeping air conditioning in Grayhawk running strong all summer long. When you do, you’ll be certain to have an AC system that will run strong in the fall when the temperatures are still above normal.


Summer is winding down, but don’t lose focus on your air conditioning unit. Call us at 480.359.7141 and we can help today and we’ll make sure your AC unit runs smoothly!

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