air conditioning maintenanceBack in the 1980’s there was a popular commercial where the traditional, stereotypical home maintenance contractor uttered the phrase, “you can pay a little now – or pay me a lot later.” The sad truth is that this statement still holds water – especially when it comes to replacing your expensive cooling system due to lack of air conditioner maintenance in Phoenix. However, there are three specific reasons why keeping up on A/C maintenance is critical – beyond the negative results they can lead to eventually.

First – Air Conditioner Maintenance can Reduce Monthly Utility Bills

It’s estimated by the US Department of Energy that the simple task of replacing our indoor air filters once per month, can reduce our monthly energy bills by up to 20%. When you look at this statistic with an open mind, the question we have to ask ourselves is “why don’t we follow this advice?” The reality is that any cooling or heating system simply works more efficiently when it can breathe easily. And since the indoor filters are essentially the lungs of today’s cooling system, when they are clean and free of debris and obstructions – your HVAC unit doesn’t have to work as hard to keep you cool.

Second – Air Conditioner Maintenance can Extend Product Life

When was the last time you priced the cost of buying a new cooling system? If you’re like most home owners, you understand that today’s energy efficient AC systems can put a pretty hard dent in your pocket book. It’s for this reason that having routine AC maintenance completed is a wise investment in your economic future. According to the US Department of Energy, home owners that have regularly scheduled maintenance on their AC and heating systems have HVAC units that tend to last 3 times longer than those with little to no maintenance. The simple fact is that an AC system is a mechanical device. And just like your car or any other system that operates with moving parts, it requires frequent adjustments in order to work smooth.

Third – AC Maintenance Can Improve Indoor Air Quality

How much is your health worth? Honestly, this is a trick question, but in all seriousness; taking time to keep your cooling system clean and functional can help improve indoor air quality. And since the human body breathes the air inside our homes more frequently than any other location; it simply makes logical sense that the cleaner your system is – the better air quality you’ll breathe. However, here are some stats to support this argument.

  • Homes that have routine ac maintenance including cleaning the ductwork in your homes tend to have higher indoor air quality than those that do not.
  • Air duct cleaning also helps to reduce the amount of harmful bacteria that leads to flair ups of allergies, COPD, Asthma and even spreads the common cold and flu.
  • If you reduce the chances of having these medical conditions flair up, simply by having your HVAC system cleaned annually, you’ll significantly reduce your chances of getting sick. And if you’re less sick, you’ll miss fewer work days. And the fewer days you miss at work – the more; well, you get the point.

Taking proactive measures to activate a routine air conditioner maintenance program is not only economically smart, but it also can significantly impact your overall health. Contact your local air conditioning companies in Phoenix to ask them about their air conditioner service and maintenance programs and how you can save money on routine service.


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