Air Conditioning Repair in ScottsdaleWouldn’t it be great to own a crystal ball  in order to predict when you might need air conditioning repair in Scottsdale? Believe it or not, when you have a blueprint of common HVAC issues that often lead to most air conditioning repair phone calls made by customers in Scottsdale; it’s just as good as having clairvoyance. In order to arm you with the best possible tips so you can proactively determine if your AC system is in need of repair, here are a few of the common HVAC issues that – if not fixed quickly can lead to expensive repair or AC replacement.

First Issue – Warm Air Circulating Through the House

Sometimes the most obvious symptoms lead to significant problems. And if your cooling system in Scottsdale is blowing hot air through the vents instead of cool air – it’s definitely a warning sign. However, the question many Scottsdale air conditioning companies answer frequently is what causes this problem to occur in the first place.

Typically, when your cooling system is blowing hot or warm air instead of cool air, it’s due to four common problems:

  • Reduced air flow in the HVAC System (such as clogged filters or obstructions in the ductwork)
  • A thermostat improperly adjusted or out of calibration
  • Leaking or low coolant levels
  • Condenser unit that is broken or not functioning properly

A great way to reduce these problems from occurring is to do three easy things each month:

1)      Change out your air filters every month

2)      Make sure your outdoor HVAC system is free of obstructions

3)      Double check your thermostat to make sure it has not been adjusted

Second Issue – Water Leaking from the HVAC Unit

The second most common symptom that may trigger a phone call for AC repair in Scottsdale is water that leaks from the actual cooling system. Typically this is caused by a build-up of condensation that occurs when your AC is not free to breathe clear. In many cases – the root issue includes:

  • Filters that are dirty or clogged up
  • A condensate unit that is also blocked or has some sort of obstruction
  • Leaking refrigerant

When you discover that your HVAC system is leaking any water, you should always take a proactive step to contact your local HVAC Company in Scottsdale. Let them know that you have water that is leaking from your cooling system, but you should also try hard to discover a few details about your individual unit such as:

  • What is the manufacture of your cooling system?
  • What type of cooling system do you have?
  • How long have you owned your cooling system or has it been installed at your home recently?

When you can give the HVAC Company that completes air conditioning repair in Scottsdale this type of valuable information it will permit them to complete quicker and more affordable HVAC repairs.


To learn more about proper maintenance of your HVAC units so you can keep them running strong, contact the HVAC Pros at Scottsdale Air Heating & Cooling today at 480-359-7141.

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