Air Conditioner Repair in Carefree AZIt’s very common for home owners in Carefree to contact the local home air conditioner repair company for a pre-summer fix. In fact, the majority of cooling system repairs is often completed right after the AC systems are turned on for the first time – between early April and into May. However, contrary to what your neighbors might tell you, it is possible to reduce the potential of having to have air conditioner repair in Carefree AZ completed.

Here are three of the most common issues that tend to lead to residential AC repair.

Issue #1 – Hot Air Blowing From the Vents

There is nothing as frustrating as walking into a home that is hotter than a sauna – when it’s approaching triple-digit heat outside. This is typically caused due to hot air that is circulating through your home – when it’s supposed to be nice, cool air. However, what many home owners might not consider is that this condition is often caused by three issues:

  • The thermostat is broken or not set properly
  • The AC System is clogged and can’t breathe correctly
  • The AC unit has a coolant leak and can’t chill the air properly

These three issues tend to cause hot air to enter your home. One thing that you can do to reduce the potential of this problem is to have a routine service check-up on your AC system right after the summer season or before you turn it on in spring.

Issue #2 – Water Leaking from your AC Unit in Carefree AZ

Another common problem that leads to that emergency phone call to the AC Service Company in Carefree is water that appears to be leaking from your cooling system. This problem is caused by the cooling unit’s inability to efficiently convert hot air into cool air. Typically the leak you see is a direct result of a condenser unit that is frozen up or not functioning properly. There are a few things you can do yourself to reduce this from occurring – which is one of the more expensive air conditioner repair cost out there:

1)      Replace your indoor filters every month. This will allow the cooling system to breathe free and put reduced stress on the moving parts inside the system.

2)      Keep your cooling unit free from outdoor obstructions. A good tip is to clean off your cooling unit on a monthly basis from dirt, dust, trees, tumbleweeds or other ‘things’ that tend to clog the system up.

Issue #3 – No Power to the AC System

This item is often the easiest to diagnose – but the most dangerous for an individual home owner to take on as a DIY project. Electrical issues with cooling systems are typically caused by a short in the electrical system (somewhere). If you notice that your cooling system circuit breaker is frequently tripping, contact your air conditioner repair company in Carefree quickly. They’ll expertly diagnose this issue and get your system back running in no time.


When you need support with any air conditioner repair in Carefree AZ , don’t delay – contact the cooling experts at Scottsdale Air Heating & Cooling today at 480-359-7141.

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