ac unit keeps tripping breakerElectrical systems inside any home can be very complex and problems tricky to diagnose. However, when your AC unit keeps tripping the breaker, this could be a sign of a major problem with either your AC system or your electrical system. One of the first things to remember is an electrical issue is nothing to put off. Here are some important actions when your AC system keeps tripping your circuit breaker.

First – Contact An HVAC Professional

Anytime your AC unit trips the circuit breaker you should immediately contact an HVAC contractor. The reason for this is simple:  your breaker shouldn’t trip when the AC unit is in use. A certified electrician can professionally wire a properly installed air conditioner. They would know that the AC unit should always be wired to an individual circuit that operates ONLY the AC system for your home. If you have two AC units, they will be wired individually. So, when you notice that the circuit breaker for your AC unit has tripped, don’t delay – contact the professionals immediately at least for a consultation on what they suggest.

Second – Start Documenting The Problems

If you’ve called the HVAC Company and they simply tell you to reset the system and everything seems fine for a while; that’s a great and easy solution. However, the odds are that this will occur again. If it does, it’s important for you to keep a detailed log of things that might have been occurring at the time the circuit tripped. Consider the following:

  • How many appliances in the home were running at the same time? Sometimes when a lot of large power-draining units are running at the same time it can overload the circuits.
  • Was somebody in the bathroom using an outlet at the time? The GFI circuits inside a bathroom will sometimes trip when they are used (especially when a blow dryer and hair curler are plugged in at the same time). If they are in use at the same time the air conditioner trips the circuit – write it down.
  • What time of day did this occur? And, if this has happened before, is it the same time of day?

Writing these items down will make it easier for an electrician or HVAC professional to diagnose the problem and fix it with as little expense and time consumed as possible.

Third – Don’t Attempt To Fix It Yourself

Under NO circumstances should you attempt to open up the circuit breaker board (the inside unit) or inside of the AC system if it’s causing the circuit breaker to trip frequently. The odds are that there is a short circuit wire that might be exposed. And if you come in contact with that wire you could be hurt. Remember – always leave electrical repairs to the experts.

Having your AC unit trip the circuit breaker frequently can really cause a lot of stress, along with raising the temperature inside your home. However, when your AC unit keeps tripping the breaker, don’t keep resetting and hope that everything will be fine – contact a licensed electrician or certified air conditioning company in Scottsdale to visit your home as soon as possible.


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