air duct inspection in Scottsdale

One of the best ways to improve the air quality inside your home and its energy efficiency is to have an air duct inspection in Scottsdale performed. The air ducts are the respiratory system of a home. Everything you breathe inside will filter through these ducts, circulating hot air and cool air inside the house all year long. And although they are manufactured professionally, over an extended period of time the air ducts can become dirty, loose and even filled with holes that allow precious cool or warm air to escape. This is why scheduling an air duct inspection can be crucial.

An Air Duct Inspection In Scottsdale Should Always Include These 3 Items

Item #1 – Have Blockages In The System Inspected

The first item in any air duct inspection in Scottsdale needs to be a visual inspection of any blockages in the system. This is occasionally caused by excessive debris or buildup of dust, trash or other materials that will restrict the airflow of the HVAC system. This eventually leads to more stress being placed on your cooling and heating equipment, which eventually leads to an increase in energy consumption. This can also lead to poor air quality as the dirty material trapped within the air duct system is being distributed every time the air circulates throughout your home.

Item #2 – Check For Leaks In The Air Duct System

When you have leaking air ducts it can cause several issues to occur, including:

  • Loss of cool air in summer or heated air during winter. This causes the HVAC system to operate very inefficiently. The direct result is that they system has to work harder to achieve the desired results. And when it works harder, it consumes more energy and can break down easier.
  • Introduce more debris into the system. Which as we stated above will lead to higher monthly bills and also impact clean air.
  • Leaky air ducts in Scottsdale will also introduce a new friend to your home – pests. Insects and rodents love to find their way into your home through small holes in the air duct system.

As you can see, even the smallest hole in the air duct system can lead to huge issues. So make sure anybody that inspects your air duct system in Scottsdale checks for leaks. If they find any leaks, make sure they can offer you an affordable solution to fix them.

Item #3 – Must check for Damaged Sections of the Duct Work

Unfortunately construction is never a perfect industry. From time to time, ductwork will be damaged during the construction phase – and never noticed until it’s too late. Broken sections of duct work will also impede the flow of air; especially when softer and often cheaper materials are used in the construction of your home. When an area is crushed it reduces the smooth flow of the air leading to increased monthly bills and inefficient HVAC control.

As you can clearly see, it’s very important to have these three areas inspected during any air duct inspection in Scottsdale. Always remember to contact a professional and licensed HVAC contractor that has vast experience in performing all types of work in Scottsdale.

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