Air Conditioner Repair in Paradise ValleyContrary to popular belief, AC systems are not indestructible. In fact, just like every other major appliance inside your home, the question is not whether or not it will break down – but it’s a question of when. And when you require air conditioner repair in Paradise Valley, we often start to second guess ourselves wondering what we could have done to prevent this expensive air conditioner repair cost. Believe it or not, there are a few easy tips that you can follow to significantly reduce the potential of having to call the AC repair company in Paradise Valley – which will also extend the life of your cooling system dramatically.

Here are a few of our best tips for keeping your cooling system running in tip-top shape while reducing the need for air conditioner repairs.

Tip #1 – Set up a Routine Service Agreement

When your car needs an oil change – do you disregard the message or that flashing light on the dashboard? The truth is that most hard working people find it difficult to spend time taking their car to the service shop to have this critical routine service completed. However, wouldn’t it be awesome if the repair company came to your home to complete routine service? Well, this is exactly what professional HVAC contractors in Paradise Valley  can offer when you set up a service agreement package.

These programs are designed to save home owners money – while keeping their cooling systems running exceptionally well all year long. And all though many of us might want to attempt DIY air conditioner repair and service, the reality states that we should always let a professional handle this. So, if you want to reduce expensive air conditioner repair costs  – contact a professional HVAC Service Company in Paradise Valley and ask them about service agreements.

Tip #2 – Replace those Indoor Filters Frequently

This is something that any home owner can easily do. The indoor air filters are found inside vents on your ceiling – typically in the top floor of your home. These filters are often 20″ x 20″ or close to those measurements and are sold in retail stores like Walmart, Target and Home Depot. They are very inexpensive and by taking time to replace these filters once per month, you can extend the life of your AC system dramatically. You’ll also be improving your indoor air quality at the same time – and allow your cooling system to breathe easy – which can save you money on utility bills each month.

Tip #3 – Have your Ductwork Inspected and Cleaned Annually

When it comes to finding affordable ways of saving money on utility bills, having your ducts cleaned and inspected for holes or leaks is a sure fire bet. The ductwork system inside a home is very fragile and over a period of time, they tend to develop leaks – especially in hot weather climates like Arizona. In fact, one of the most common air conditioner troubleshooting programs that the pro’s use to diagnose inefficient systems is to first check the ductwork system. By having this system cleaned and repaired each year, you can significantly improve your indoor air quality, extend HVAC system life and improve energy efficiency inside your home.


If it’s time to have your cooling system tuned-up or if you have an AC system that is not running as cool as it should and you need to have air conditioner repair in Paradise Valley completed, contact the cooling experts at Scottsdale Air Heating & Cooling today at 480-359-7141.

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