AC Repair in ScottsdaleSometimes in life – stuff just happens that is completely out of our control. But when it comes down to AC repair in Scottsdale, more often than not, there are simple things that could have been done to prevent that expensive repair job. Now, just for clarification, we’re not going to play the role of Captain Hindsight – but it is critical to learn how we can avoid this problem in the future by activating a simple maintenance checklist that is simple, cost effective and can save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

Here are three items that should be included in everybody’s monthly HVAC service checklist that when done properly can provide you with loads of benefits.

Item #1 – Replace those Indoor Filters Monthly

Believe it or not, the number one cause of HVAC system break down is that the system struggles to ‘breathe’. And since the indoor filters are the leading source of smooth circulated air to and from the cooling system, when they become dirty it literally becomes a ‘drag’ on your cooling system. The US Department of Energy suggests that taking proactive measures to replace your indoor air filters once per month can reduce energy consumption by as much as 20%. However, beyond the price savings on your monthly utility bills, the biggest benefit is on system lifespan.

Virtually every major brand manufacturer of AC units suggests replacing indoor filters frequently in order to extend equipment life. In fact, by replacing your filters monthly, you can extend the life of your equipment and reduce breakdown by a factor of three times in many cases. In short, those costly AC repairs in Scottsdale could have been prevented if we change out our indoor air filters frequently.

Item #2 – Remove Debris Surrounding your Outdoor Cooling Unit

A statement of fact that we all know is that it can be very windy and dusty in the desert. However, one of the drawbacks to this is that our cooling systems which are often outdoors and exposed to the elements tend to become embedded with dirt, dust, mud, tumbleweeds and other debris. Since the AC unit operates similar to a vacuum – where it needs clear space to circulate air into and out of the home (through filters as mentioned above – and the outer case of the cooling system), it’s critical to keep the outer AC system free of obstructions.

A simple solution is to walk outside once per week and simply make sure there isn’t large quantities of dirt or weeds restricting air flow. So, to wrap this one up, that costly AC repair that was caused by a reduction of air could be avoided by simply removing anything that blocks the flow of air outdoors.

Item #3 – Have the Ductwork Serviced, Cleaned and Sealed

Just like the two items above, the ductwork is a critical component of the overall HVAC system. When it’s dirty or if there are holes inside the ductwork, it’s important for them to be handled or fixed quickly. When your ducts are not sealed, your home loses a ton of energy efficiency – causing the AC system to work longer and harder than it should. Eventually your AC system will quit because it’s simply overworked. If this happens, that costly repair could turn into a costly replacement.

The common theme in each of these checklist maintenance items is about smooth air flow. Your cooling system needs to breathe free in order to work efficiently and last a long time. However, it also requires routine service and maintenance from a professional company that offers AC Repair in Scottsdale. Contact your local Scottsdale ac service company to find out how affordable and easy routine service plans can be for any home.


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