Scottsdale ac contractorHow To Know You’re Hiring An Honest Scottsdale AC Contractor

Contacting the air conditioning repair guy to get your AC unit back in tip-top shape is rather simple. But, how can you make sure that the Scottsdale AC contractor you’ve retained will provide you with honest, trustworthy and factual service? The sad truth is that there are many AC contractors out there that try and take advantage of home owners by nickel and diming them with hidden costs and unexpected bills that show up after a typical AC service.

Have Peace Of Mind When Hiring A Scottsdale AC Contractor With These 3 Tips

Tip #1 – Check out their Website & Social Media Pages

One of the best qualities any company can have is open and transparent communication. And without a doubt the best place to easily verify this important consumer attribute is online; such as their website and social media channels. There are several ways to examine their record and ways they communicate with their customers such as:

  • Does their website have a blog? When a company takes time to update their customers on new services, offer tips, advice and other helpful items, you can feel confident that they take pride in open communication and taking care of their customers.
  • Do they post direct links to user reviews? If a company is proud of their customer service record, they’ll actively show their potential customers. Usually when an AC contractor in Scottsdale is not too confident in their customer service, they’ll do exactly the opposite.
  • Do they have an active social media platform, like Facebook and Twitter pages? And if so, do they post spam or do they interact with their customers and potential customers online?

Tip #2 – Verify their Service Record with BBB

The Better Business Bureau has been a leading provider of factual reviews on a company’s business dealings within the communities they service. When a consumer has filed a complaint with the BBB about a Scottsdale AC contractor, the BBB spends plenty of time actively researching their claims to ensure they only post factual information about the company. If a company has a solid reputation with the BBB, you can be certain that they operate their business under positive ethics and will generally treat you very honestly. When a company has a bad reputation with the BBB, contact another AC contractor.

Tip #3 – Interview The AC Contractor Before You Hire

Finally, the best way to find peace of mind when working with any contractor is to interview them first. Nothing is better than meeting somebody personally to interact with them – especially when you are planning to pay them for a service. When you take the time to sit down and ask them questions that are relevant and important to you it becomes much easier to work with them.

Consider asking them a few questions including:

  1. Do you have a few references of previous recent customers I can contact?
  2. How long have you been licensed to complete AC repairs in Scottsdale?
  3. What insurance protection does your company carry?

By taking time to simply do a little bit of research about any Scottsdale AC contractor you intend on hiring, you can protect your home and family from unscrupulous vendors that provide poor quality work.

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