Solar Heating Systems

Wouldn’t it be great to own a power company? With the amount of money that Scottsdale residents spend on monthly energy bills, it quite possibly would be a great financial investment to have your very own power supply for heating your home during the winter. Although the reality of buying a huge power station might not be in the cards for most residents of Scottsdale, investing in solar heating systems is very much a reality; and a great way to save money on monthly utility bills.

There are often many more questions than answers about solar power including the obvious questions about using a heating system that relies on the sun being out during winter; a season that often sees more cloud cover than sunshine. But we don’t have that problem in Arizona. In fact, there are more sunny days in winter than during the monsoon season during the late summer. So owning and installing a solar powered heating system might actually be a smart investment for Scottsdale residents to consider.

Three Primary Advantages Provided To Home Owners By Solar Power

Savings on Monthly Utility Bills

The first benefit of solar power is that once you pay for the system and the installation, your days of paying monthly energy bills for heating virtually disappear. And since the majority of monthly energy bills are due to HVAC systems heating or cooling a home it’s obvious that you can save a tremendous amount of money each month. The average cost of buying a traditional single-panel solar heating system begins in the low thousands, but they can easily pay for themselves very quickly – depending on what type of heating system you’ve been using in previous years.

Plus, due to new Federal Tax incentives, upgrading to solar power could be tax deductible and save you money on your annual income tax returns.

Solar Power is Safe

Another common advantage of using solar heating systems is the increased safety of using them to heat a home in Scottsdale. Unlike electric or gas powered heating units, solar power is 100% combustion free which significantly reduces the chances of fire or other problems associated with most heating systems. Another benefit of using solar power inside a home is the flexibility you’ll have with heating swimming pools or Jacuzzis during the winter months with solar heating systems. And when those electric and gas rates are high during winter for your neighbors, you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank.

Solar Power Heaters are Green

We all have been told about the environmental advantages that solar power offers consumers, but have you really investigated these claims? The truth is that solar powered heating systems are extremely positive for the overall environment we live. Not only do they not consume energy and resources, but they also don’t expel dangerous chemicals or other gases that are common with gas powered heating units. Simply relying on the power of Mother Nature, solar powered heating systems will deliver the heating you need – and protect the earth’s environment for years to come.

In short, buying and installing solar heating systems is something that any Arizona resident should consider. And if you’re looking to protect your home, increase disposable income monthly and protect the environment, solar power is a smart idea for certain.

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