It’s a well-documented fact that one of the leading causes of breakdown of any mechanical unit is lack of routine maintenance. This is especially true in regards to reasons why you should instigate a home air conditioner maintenance program in Scottsdale – where we receive extreme temps the majority of the year. But did you know that there are four very important items that should be on any Scottsdale home owner’s checklist that when done correctly and on an annual basis can save money and increase comfort?

Here are four items that should always be a priority for home owners in Scottsdale to maintain their AC units.

#1: Replace The Filters Inside The Ductwork Monthly

The first thing any homeowner can do to improve the efficiency and operation of any HVAC system is to reduce the restriction of air flow. And for homes in Scottsdale, this begins and ends with the filtration system inside your home. An air conditioning unit operates by circulating warm air inside of a home, into the machine; where it is cooled and then circulated back into the house. But this process begins with sucking air into the house. And when the filters are clean, it reduces the drag and allows the AC unit to operate much more efficiently – meaning it’s less hard on parts.

Make sure you replace your indoor filtration in the ductwork at least every month to keep your entire system operating smooth year-round. The reason we have to replace filters a lot more here in Scottsdale is because we have a lot of dust here — living in the desert it’s something we’re always battling.

#2: Replace The Filters Inside The HVAC System Annually

The second step in making sure to include on your checklist of routine maintenance programs for any AC unit in Scottsdale is extending the filtration replacement to the actual HVAC unit annually. Most AC units are installed outside, and tend to become clogged with debris, dirt, mud, leaves and other particles. The item designed to protect the mechanical parts inside the unit are the filters – which need to be replaced every year. Just like any other filter, AC filters are designed to wear out over time. And if they are not replaced frequently and on a regular interval, they will wear out, introducing harmful contaminants into the HVAC system.

So make sure you replace your HVAC filters at least once per year.

#3: Hire A Professional HVAC Service Company To Tune-Up your HVAC System (twice per year)

The next step on your checklist should be to hire a professional and reliable Scottsdale heating and cooling company to inspect and tune-up your air conditioning and heating system each year. The actual inspection should only be done once per year, so it might be a good idea to have somebody service both heater and AC units at the same time. Let a professional open up and inspect your HVAC system – as these units are very dangerous and highly complex. They will make sure all belts are tightened (or replaced), lubricants are changed out, and all mechanical parts are inspected for premature wear and tear. This will ensure your system will be fully functional when you use it.

Simply by sticking to these three steps, you’ll be certain to instigate a home air conditioner maintenance program that will save you time, money and ensure you have a happy HVAC system running around the clock.

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