electric space heater safety tips

Contrary to what some people might believe, it can get down-right cold at night in the desert. And many of our Scottsdale residence have been asking about   how to use electric space heaters as a solution to keep certain areas of the house warm when the weather turns cold. These portable units can be very effective at keeping an area warm, but they can also be a safety concern if not used properly. And although there are many times when it is appropriate to use electric space heaters, the most important thing to consider is what to do to ensure they are used in a safe manner.

Lets review a few important tips to consider if you are getting ready to use electric space heaters in any room or enclosed area.

TIP #1: Make sure you use electric space heaters which have been certified as safe by a nationally recognized testing facility or company. Electric space heaters sold today are required to be certified as being safe to operate thanks to the testing measures conducted by third-party specialists who verify that the materials and assembly process for electric space heaters are safe to use. This is verified with either a seal of approval clearly marked on the unit or some sort of documentation on the box or instruction manuals.

TIP #2: Purchase an electric space heater that has a guard around the heating elements. Making sure that some sort of mesh or wire grill covers the heating element will reduce the chance of burns and also fibers from catching fire. Several electric space heaters that use water or oil that is circulated through the machine in order to heat might not need a guard however.

TIP #3: Always follow the instructions as noted by the product manufactures. This might seem to be common sense logic, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t follow instructions or recommendations noted by product manufactures. As a matter of safety, for yourself and others in any room electric space heaters are used – please ensure to follow all manufactures instructions prior to and while using electric space heaters.

TIP #4: Make sure any extension cords used are at least #14 gauge or larger. When you use an electric space heater it is important that any extension cords you use to supply power to the unit can handle the electrical output required by the device. This is why it is highly critical to make sure to use the right size extension cord.

TIP #5: Never use an electric space heater in an enclosed area with chemicals, gas or anything which can be explosive. When you are in any enclosed area, it is important that there is nothing in the area which can combust due to heat. It is always advisable that when electric space heaters are used that there is some sort of ventilation to keep fresh air circulating as well.

These simple five tips for using the right electric space heaters represent just a few things to consider to reduce the chances of accidents or injuries significantly in your scottsdale home and you can enjoy the warmth provided by these highly functional units. If you are using a space heater because you’re experience problems with your main home heating unit, then you need to give Scottsdale Air Heating & Cooling a call so we can help you fix the problem. You should not be using an electric space heater in place of a your main unit. Call 480-359-7141 if you need to have your heating unit serviced or checked out by a professional heating and air conditioning repair in Scottsdale.

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