high quality ac systemsWhen you live in a city where extreme temperatures are the norm, choosing the best ac system to keep your house or business cool is very important. Extreme heat is nothing that most Arizona residents are afraid of or not used to. In fact, most people who live in cities like Tempe, Scottsdale and Arcadia are quite savvy when it comes to protecting their homes for the extreme temperatures that consistently rise above the triple-digit level. However, there are some qualities that the best AC Units all possess that help them work better in extreme temperatures that other units sold on the market.

Details and Traits of the Best AC Units to Combat Extreme Heat

Energy Efficient Units Work Better in Extreme Heat

One of the limitations of any mechanical device is that heat tends to put a cap on its ability to perform. However, most of this heat is not provided by outside ambient sources, but comes from within due to overworking the unit to capacity. Just like any performance engine, an AC Unit runs at peak operation when it is exposed to extreme heat and is trying to cool a building when the temperature is above 95 degrees. The best AC Units will have the ability to use less energy to cool these homes across the board. When this occurs, the unit itself develops less heat and can run much more efficiently.

The first tip we would suggest for finding AC Units that will work best in extreme heat is to be certain they are all Energy Star® rated.

AC Units that Have Programmable Thermostats Work Well for Extreme Heat

Another important element to keeping a house cool and the AC Unit working under peak capacity is to install a programmable thermostat that will keep the house at a consistent temperature during all times of the day and evening. When you turn off your AC unit during the day when you are at work or away from the house, the home temperature will rise considerably. When you turn the unit back on, the AC unit has to work much harder to cool the house. However, if the unit runs steadily during the day, it draws less energy, less power and runs much more efficiently. Using a programmable thermostat is one way to keep the temperature within a good range all day long.

The second tip we can offer is to set your programmable thermostat to run 3-6 degrees higher than normal when you are away from home. This will keep your house within a good temperature range so your AC unit does not need to work extreme when you want to cool your house to comfortable levels.

The key to finding the best ac systems for extreme heat is not simply the unit, but picking one that works best and efficiently for your precise home or office building. This is where expert Scottsdale air conditioning companies provide value to their customers. Before they install any HVAC unit, they will measure your home, inspect the duct work and ensure the unit you’re buying will be as efficient as possible – even during extreme heats.

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