Air Conditioning Duct RepairOne of the common goals for Arizona residents is trying to find ways of saving money on energy bills as the summer months approach. According to recent studies conducted by the United States Department of Energy, it is estimated that over 45 percent of all homes in America lose between 10-30 percent energy efficiency simply due to air conditioning duct repair needed; in particular the air ducts are not properly sealed. This leads to your home losing cool air in summer time, increases the production of your air conditioning unit and thus increases your monthly energy bill.

In order to prevent this from occurring, most home owners in Arizona have their air duct system inspected on an annual basis. And believe it or not, there are many simple ways to tell if you have any air duct repair issues.

Signs Your Air Ducts Are In Need Of Repair

  • If room temperature is not consistent through the entire home. When an air duct system is fully functional, cool air circulates through the house consistently and smooth. When the air duct system is working great, each room is cooled at the same temperature and you often don’t notice warm or cold spots in your home. However, if you notice some rooms are cooler than others, this is a good warning sign to a potential air duct repair issue.
  • Your energy bills are higher than last year. Although energy bills fluctuate based on raw materials and cost of business for energy companies, if your bill is across the board higher each month this is another good sign of an air duct system that might need repair.
  • If you notice a room is stuffy or more humid than others. This is another sign of a potential air duct system issue. Humidity in a room is often caused by an air conditioning unit that is not properly functioning but it can also be caused by air ducts that are exposed to outside elements such as rain in spring time in the desert. This puts liquid into the air ducts and combines with cool air of an AC unit to result in humidity in a room.

Other common issue home owners in the Phoenix and Scottsdale have that indicate your air conditioning ducts need repair and don’t function correctly are the following:

  • The air duct connection is loose or has disconnected. This results in loss of efficiency of the entire air conditioning system and a serious increase in energy production and higher bills.
  • The air ducts are not properly sealed. This reduces the efficiency as well and allows cool air to spill through the home, outside and not to the intended room. Again this leads to increased energy bills each month that the air ducts are not properly working.

The best advice we can give to prevent these issues from occurring is to have your air ducts inspected by your local Scottsdale air duct repair company on an annual basis, preferably between the months of March and May before the hot summer months approach. This will ensure your air conditioning is working in tip-top-shape when you need it most while operating efficiently to save you money on energy bills as well.

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