Finding affordable ways to improve indoor air quality is a focus for residential homeowners in Scottsdale. The facts don’t lie – indoor air quality can lead to allergy attacks, COPD flair-ups and even spreading of common colds, flu and other airborne illnesses. However, recent studies have confirmed that by taking proactive measures to improve the indoor air quality by use of a professional air purification system, the chances of having respiratory illness or attacks reduces dramatically.

Here are five of the best reasons why a Guardian Air REME Scottsdale installation is a great investment – not only for indoor air quality but to enhance your right to breathe.

First – The Guardian is a Whole House Air Purification System

People spend time in virtually every room inside their homes. So why would a homeowner purposely install an air purification system that only covers a single living room? The Guardian Air REME is designed to be an entire house air purification system that is installed into the HVAC system directly. This means that whether you are using the heater or the air condition system, the air you breathe is being scrubbed and cleaned – removing up to 99 percent of the harmful bacteria, allergens, yeast, viruses and other contaminants we breathe daily.

Second – The Guardian Air REME System Uses Zero Chemicals

Unlike some other air improvement systems, the Guardian is not designed to simply make the air smell good by introducing chemicals into the air you breathe. Instead, this system utilizes a system that integrates water, light and an oxygen powered Phi Cell (which is short for Photohydroionization) to create a natural occurring hydroperoxide. Essentially, these tiny air purification molecules float through the air we breathe inside the house and kill surface odors, airborne particles, VOCs and chemicals we breathe daily. The result is a much cleaner and pure indoor air quality .

Third – It Keeps Your Home Clean

One of the drawbacks of some indoor air improvement devices is that they simply remove the chemicals, or bacteria that are embedded in the air we breathe daily. However, the Guardian Air REME system does not simply mask these particles – it eliminates them entirely. The result is that there is no residue left on countertops, reducing the level of dust and other particles left on items inside the house. Plus, independent lab testing shows that this device also reduces microbials that are found on food surfaces. This means that your chances of catching E.coli, Strep, Avian Flu or Norwalk virus is reduced by up to 99 percent.

Fourth – A Guardian Air REME Installation in Scottsdale is Easy

Like most other professional HVAC systems, the folks at Guardian Air are very particular about who is authorized to install their systems. It’s a statement of fact that these systems are highly complex and that only authorized and specially trained HVAC professionals can install a Guardian Air REME air purification system. By contacting a local dealer and authorized Scottsdale Guardian installation company first; you can get all the insight and information you need about other benefits, cost saving tips and maintenance and service suggestions from the professionals who work with these systems daily.

Taking time to invest in your health is simple when you focus on your right to breathe. Take time to learn more about the Guardian Air REME air purification system. Your lungs and those of all of those that spend time inside your home will thank you for this effort.


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