guardian air reme purification systemA reality of living in the desert is that several people move here because of health reasons. There are several ways of reducing respiratory flair ups; but the best is to reduce the trigger factors that cause them. This is why many homeowners in Arizona actively search for affordable and effective products that can improve their indoor air quality. The Guardian Air REME purification system is such a product; that has proven technology of reducing or nearly eliminating 99 percent of the triggers that cause most respiratory attacks.

First – The Guardian Air REME is Built With Proven Technology to Reduce Dust Particles in the Air

Unlike other dust particle removers that simply trap them, the Guardian Air REME system relies on a new technology to eliminate the problem. REME or Reflective Electro Magnetic Energy is the secret that allows the Guardian Air REME to work effectively. This technology creates Ionized-Hydro-Peroxides™ which is made through a combination of oxygen and humidity. The harmless IHP is then propelled directly into the HVAC dusts and simply removes dust from the equation.

Second – The Guardian is Installed Directly into Your HVAC System

The way this system is hooked up is rather unique as well. It also is a primary reason why the system works so well in improving indoor air quality. The air purifying plasma that is created by the Guardian is launched into the HVAC system because the unit itself is attached to the HVAC. It has no moving parts and can propel the dust-removing plasma 24 hours per day, at a rate of 2 cfm. It works while the HVAC unit is operating, the fan is blowing or if it’s shut off.

Third – The Guardian Air REME Purification System is Cost Effective

Probably the best benefit of any indoor air quality devices is whether or not it’s cost efficient to buy. Many of today’s systems require tons of replacement filters, or frequent maintenance in order to continue to work. Not this system. In fact, once it’s installed professionally, it requires no maintenance. This allows homeowners to save money each month.

Fourth – The Guardian Air REME Can Also Eliminate Other Health Related Factors

The great thing about this technology is that it’s not a one hit wonder. The Guardian Air REME can also help to eliminate several other factors that reduce indoor air quality such as:

  • Cooking odors
  • Smoking odors
  • Trash odor
  • Stale air odors
  • Pet odors

Additionally, due to the fact that the RGF technology can remove several odors, the system has also been proven to remove bacterial, virus and several surfaces in the air. It’s been used in major hotel chains, cruise lines, public schools, theme parks and hospitals. Previous testing has shown a 99 percent reduction of H1N1 virus on that is embedded on stainless steel and 99+percentage reductions of SARS and Avian Flu.

The Guardian Air REME purification system is an exceptional device for eliminating many of the trigger factors that cause several medical conditions. It’s also that perfect, all-in-one device that can vastly improve all fascist of indoor air quality as well – for a very reasonable cost.


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