improve poor indoor air qualityThe goal of anybody living in the Scottsdale area is to live a high quality of life. Regardless of your economic status, where you live or even your personal belief system, the common goal of all people is to live as healthy as possible. However, did you know that the mission to improve poor indoor air quality is one that can easily be improved? And by simply taking a few important steps, you can improve the air quality inside your home.

Important Tips For Improving Poor Indoor Air Quality In The Desert

First Tip – Change Those Filters Every Month

The best way to instantly improve the air you breathe inside your home is to keep your indoor air filters changed frequently. And according to the COPD Foundation, poor indoor air quality is responsible for the majority of COPD flair ups. By simply changing out the filters inside your home as a part of your HVAC system, you’ll be able to significantly improve the indoor air quality of your home.

Here are a few areas you should consider changing the filters monthly:

  • Change the filters inside your HVAC system. Inside your house there is usually a fan system that circulates air from the air conditioning unit through your house. This filter is one that collects both dust and dirt from outside and inside the house. As such, it tends to get clogged up rather quickly. By changing the filter frequently, the poor indoor air quality inside your home will improve.
  • Change the airduct filters. Traditionally there are a few filters located near the big ductwork vents inside your home that should also be changed out every month. Just like the above filter system, the ones in the ductwork circulate a lot of dirty air. And by keeping them as clean as possible you’ll be able to improve the air quality inside your home.

Second Tip – Dust the Duct Work Vents Every Month

The tip to improving your indoor air quality that’s the most cost-effective, and just requires a bit of elbow grease is simply dusting the HVAC vents inside your home every month. These vents both blow air into the house and suck indoor air to the AC units. As such, there is a lot of dust that builds up and is blown into the air every day. By dusting these vents, you’ll dramatically reduce the amount of contaminants you breathe daily. And when these vents stay clean, the indoor air quality will improve.

Final Tip – Replace Your Vacuum Filters Frequently

Vacuum cleaners are great for removing dust, debris and other contaminants from your floor, but did you know that most vacuum cleaners are responsible for redistributing the same dust into the air you breathe? This occurs because the vacuum cleaner filters and bags become clogged and are not changed out as often as they should be. A vacuum works by sucking air from one source, and blowing it through an exhaust. And when the exhaust system is clogged – it will simply blow the dust and dirt back into the air. So, replace those vacuum filters and empty the bags or dirt collection devices frequently.

If you follow these three simple tips to improve poor indoor air quality in the desert, you’ll discover the air you breathe will be much cleaner on a daily basis.


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