ac replacement questionsAccording to Angieslist, one of the most major purchases a home owner will ever make is replacing the air conditioning unit. It’s not because Scottsdale in particular is expensive to live, it’s due to the solid truth that AC replacement can cost a home owner thousands of dollars in replacement costs and installation fees. And just like any other major purchase there should be a list of questions you ask when considering AC replacement in Scottsdale.

First Question – What Type of AC Replacement System Does My House Need?

When you contact an AC replacement expert in Scottsdale, there are a few questions that you should ask prior to setting up an at home inspection. And according to many industry experts, the first question you should ask is about what type of AC system is right for your particular home. This can be accomplished through a few different ways including:

  • The AC replacement expert will ask you about your homes square footage, how many levels, rooms, and other basic information that will help them give you an estimated size of AC unit you need.
  • Another method is that the AC service expert will calculate the square footage of your home, ask you about the duct work and actually tell you that the best way to determine what you need is for them to visit your home. This is not a trick sales tactic. In fact, most reliable and trustworthy AC service experts will need to inspect your ductwork and home in order to give you a realistic option that will provide you with an AC unit that is energy efficient.

Second Question – How long does it take for AC Replacement in Scottsdale?

The second question you should consider asking is about the AC service companies estimate on replacing the AC unit at your home. This is a bit of a trick question though, as there are a few things an experienced AC repair specialist will tell you:

  • They will need to know what type of unit you currently have, customize a new AC unit that accomplishes all the goals you want to achieve, and determine if any ductwork service is needed to achieve the best results.
  • They also should tell you that installation of a new AC unit involves a three part process: Picking out a Unit best suited for your needs, coming up with an installation plan that will achieve the best results, and setting up a time and place for the installation to occur.

The most important answer you’ll receive with this question will be that they will work with you to customize an AC replacement plan that fits your needs and budget.

Final Question – What Services are Included after AC Replacement in Scottsdale is Completed?

The last thing you should ask about is warranty information, service plans and any additional costs for installing and servicing the new AC unit. A reliable company will be up front and honest about any fees and create a plan that not only ensures the AC unit stays fully functional year-round, but also fits within your annual and monthly budgets.

Scheduling AC replacement in Scottsdale is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make as a home owner. So take the time to come up with several questions to ask any trustworthy service expert in order to provide you with solutions that exceed your needs.

Meta Description – AC replacement in Scottsdale can be a highly stressful situation for any home owner. Get helpful tips on asking questions for AC Replacement here.


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