best air conditioning unit scottsaleResidents of Scottsdale are pretty savvy shoppers. And when they are in the precarious situation of having to find a reliable replacement for their AC unit that’s broken down, they often look for the best air conditioning units that will provide them value. And this is a very smart way of shopping for any major appliance, but especially AC units.

Across the board, shopping for AC units can be one of the most tedious experiences out there. From trying to find out what type of system you have, to determining what size of system you need, to the final task of picking a company to install it for you – the search for the best AC units for your needs can literally be a pain in the neck. This process is compounded with misleading facts and opinions about what makes a good AC unit efficient are provided by slick-salespeople who work on commission.

So, let’s break it down simply for you and provide some facts.

Some Of The Best AC Units For Scottsdale Homes Based On The Value They Deliver

One brand that tends to accelerate past the competition is Trane products. They are considered by most Scottsdale air conditioning repair and installation experts to be the most efficient air conditioners sold. There are many reasons why Trane units tend to be the best in many categories, but the primary reason why they are the best for Scottsdale homes is one simple fact – they are extremely durable.

Trane AC Units Include WeatherGuard Covering

The unique and patented WeatherGuard covering that is installed on all Trane products is designed to protect this HVAC unit against both extreme elements like harsh sunshine, high winds and torrential rain storms. Ironically, this is exactly the same type of weather we receive in Scottsdale year-round. Trane AC units are professionally manufactured to prevent dust, debris, water and other contaminants from entering the AC unit. This keeps the unit operated free of obstructions and can operate much more efficiently.

Trane AC Units Are Energy Efficient

Trane AC units are regarded some of the best air condition units based on their energy efficient ratings. These AC units are powered by dual-Climatuff® compressors as well as two-row Spine Fin coils operated through a multiple-stage fan. This ensures that the system can filter cool air through the home in an extremely efficient manner. Trane Units also use environmentally friendly R-410A refrigerant; which is very environmentally friendly. However, this type of refrigerant also is extremely easy to process – meaning it’s less restrictive on the actual AC unit; allowing the unit to operate more efficiently and use less energy across the board.

Trane Units are all Energy Star® rated. This not only proves that they are designed to operate ‘smartly’ but they also can save you money on an Energy Tax Credit when purchased for your primary residence prior to December 31st, 2013.

When you’re looking for the best air conditioning units sold in 2013 for Scottsdale residents – Trane units tend to be the best. Take some time to research a little more about which Trane model is best for your specific needs. And based on the opinions of thousands of satisfied Trane customers, we believe you’ll be very happy with your new Trane AC unit.

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